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Monday, June 2, 2008

interview at IMU

i just came back from the interview at IMU..
seriously hope that i can get a place in there.. *prays*
or else AIMST is absolutely my last hope for Dentistry!
i am not being pessimistic about my chances in Australia.. =)

AIMST is the university which Samy Vellu started..
apparently they only accept the actual A Level results..
so i have to wait till August..
hopefully their application has not reach the dateline then!
their first batch of dental students will graduate next year..
plus their fees are like half of IMU's ma.. hehe..

ok, back to IMU..
i reached there just 30mins before my interview time slot..
kinda got lost again, cos my mother was driving..
she insist on using the shortcut she's not familiar about.. =.=

there were 3 other interviewees waiting at that time..
meet this PM7 girl Evonne over there..
she doesn't seem to recognize me when i talked to her..
my presence don't really make an impact on people huh? T.T
anyway, we said hi and talked for awhile..
then she went in for her interview for Dentistry as well..
and she came out in like 10mins? that was fast..

here comes my turn.. *gulps*
greet interviewers - a middle-aged man and a young lady..
with the usual smile, say hi, and firm handshakes.. =)
here goes the questions after questions based on my reply!

Q1: How are you?

i am feeling good but a bit nervous.. *smile and shaking*

Q2: Oh, i see.. Have you had your lunch?

yeah.. *i wanted to say what i ate.. haha*

Q3: Ok, good.. so this is going to be an informal
it's like a small chat, so just relax.. =)
ok.. *why la you ask me to wear formal clothes?
i had to ransack my entire closet to find them!*

Q4: Now introduce yourself..
- blab about me..
- my interests (including watching movies)
- Dr Mahathir and the card.. (he's the IN news now ma)
- blab more about other stuff..
- forgot to mention about sports - badminton!! *loves*

Q5: Your life is quite balance..=) so why dentistry?

i was like very balance meh? in my heart la of cos..
then i just realize she was saying that i am not a nerd! hehe..
- blab about the usual stuff i say..
- and i just had to add in some fresh ideas..

Q6: How do you plan to encourage more people to
their dentists more often?
- start from young.. blablabla..

Q7: Why do you think most people fear dentists?
-blabbed a whole bunch of stuff..

Q8: But don't you think pain is the main factor?
like all those pulling and drilling?
it might be.. but i thought it felt like an ant bite *smile*
then the guy interviewer said may be i have exceptionally
high pain tolerance *LOL*

Q9: How's your manual dexterity?
*not again*
- use computers and do some handicraft lor..
- i said that i don't play the piano..
cos last time i remember reading a girl's blog..
her interviewer threw her a bomb saying that
she does not play the piano but yet she's a dentist!

Q10: How are good are you as a team player?
- blablabla..

Q11: Are you more comfortable being the team
or the team follower?
- chose both and explain my stand..

Q12: so what are the qualities a dentist should have?
*shouldn't this be asked before Q9?*

after that they gave me a case to solve:
A patient was treated by a doctor. As a gratitude to
the doctor,
the patient's family offered an all expense
paid trip.
If you were the doctor, what would you do?

i said i will reject right away cos it was my duty to treat him..

Q: What if the family insist?
i'll insist not to take up the offer.. if they want, they can give
me a small souvenir from the trip cos the trip is expensive..

Q: Why would you accept the gift and not the trip?
because it's the thought that counts.. even if it is a pen,
i'll accept it openly.. cos a trip is gonna cost a bomb!

Q: What if to the family, the trip costs nothing?
i'll asked them to recommend more patients to me instead!
- my reasoning? rich people's money ma.. haha..
- of cos i didn't say that out loud.. =P

they actually laughed at my final answer lor..
and they finally gave up.. XD
then it was my turn to ask the question..
they gave me a long explanation! i geng leh..

so basically the interview was really like a small chat..
although the guy interviewer kinda fumble when he talks..
they were both very nice and friendly..
and since i made them laugh.. they should give me a spot!
agree? no? hehe..

oh ya, Ting.. i saw your sister!
i don't think she recognized me either.. haih.. why la?

and i need to go for blood test yet again!
*imagine my blue black during prom and swallows saliva!*

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