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Sunday, June 8, 2008

dedications to Sichuan..

it has been 3 weeks since the Sichuan earthquake huh?
the innocent lives that were lost since 12 May 2008..
may they rest in peace.. *prays*
for those lucky people who survived..
may they stay strong and climb their way back up..

donations came pouring in from all walks of life..
be it a thousands of dollars or just a mere few dollars..
have you gave your share?
have you prayed for them from the bottom of your heart?
have you supported them in any other way?
may God bless you if you did..
even if you haven't, it's not too late..

i went to YouTube..
there were plenty of news, dedications, messages and songs..
specially for victims of the disaster..
even celebrities send out their love.. =)

this is the MV from the Malaysian artistes and 988 deejays..
it's called 震动人心 / Shake People's Hearts..

this is from the Taiwanese artistes of 华研 / HIM Entertainment
the MV of 比较美好的世界 / A Better World..

this is from the Hong Kong artistes - singers and actors..
the MV is titled 承诺 / Promise..

my tears shed especially for the last MV..
they were all indeed very touching.. don't you think so?

Sichuan 5-12 survivors, fighting!!!

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