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Thursday, June 12, 2008

what title to put ah?

all of you know my finals was done and over 2 days ago!
i didn't have that urge to scream at the top of my voice..
from the 3rd floor like what happened during SPM..
so yeah, just like that lor.. *peace*

i went out with my bunch of girlfriends after that..
9 of us altogether.. Shi Wen, Sun Mei, Yizhen, Eu Nee,
Xiaoli, Kai Sin, Stephanie, Siao Han and i.. =)

we went to Nando's 1st but then walked out without
ordering anything, cos some of us don't fancy it.. hehe..
ended up eating at Kenny Rogers..

Yizhen, Sun Mei, Kai Sin and i camwhored
while the rest went to the ladies!

i was so hungry that i could eat another cow!
i was the last to finish my food though..
note: i eat very slow with knife and fork or chopsticks!

it was nearly 2pm at that time..
Sun Mei was like rushing us to get the bill..
cos this RedBox queen was too eager to sing! *whacked*
no la, because she already booked a room for us!

Shi Wen was calling out for the staff to bring out the cake..
but their reaction was slow, so she went to get it herself!
when the cake was in front of Sun Mei, she was like..
"actually i kinda expected it cos Swee Yin 爆 some 料!"
ok, surprises don't work every time.. haha..

so we sang the "Happy Birthday" song for Sun Mei..
followed by the lighting of candle.. yes, it was in this order!
then she made her wish and blew off the fire..

Mei making her wish..

pay back time.. hehe..

read on to know what we were laughing at.. XD

then something unexpected happened..
Xiaoli who was busy taking pictures suddenly
pushed Mei's head towards the cake!
Xiaoli, i didn't know you were so mischievous! =P
so luckily, Mei's reaction was fast.. only kena her nose!

she succeed in picking the candle with her mouth! *claps*

later we headed to RedBox with the speed like
as if we were in Malay Mail Big Walk or something?
Shi Wen, Sun Mei and Yizhen were the fastest..
they were like 10 meters ahead of us.. @.@
and Sun Mei very pro la, wearing high heels leh!

anyway, RedBox was super strict lor..
they insist on seeing your student ID..
even though you showed them your IC!
Xiaoli left hers in her car, i left the parking ticket in mine too!
so we had to walk all the way to the parking lot to get them..
RedBox is in the old wing, we parked at the new wing..
it was a freaking 20 minutes walk there and back..
good exercise! good start for NS.. *winks*

our RedBox room was VERY big for 9 people lor..
i think can fit like 25 sitting people with 2 TVs?
so as we sing we stand on the stage or sofa.. haha..
it was really fun!!! =)

the front portion of the room..

the back of the room..

the mini-bar-sort-of.. someone leftover was there!

eh, you girls said i didn't sing loud.. i did ok?
my voice has changed already! yet again.. sigh..
and do remember that i am a bathroom singer la.. ^^
pictures speak a thousand words.. enjoy!

the girls deciding on their drinks..

singing their lungs out! XD

standing on the stage and seats..

Xiaoli, Kai Sin, Siao Han and Eu Nee

Stephanie, me, Kai Sin and Shi Wen

us singing together..

Kai Sin jumping with joy!

Kai Sin and Siao Han attempting to jump and block us..

Eu Nee and Yizhen searching for songs..

both of them were singing while i danced.. =P

posers unite! haha..

remember the other day i was whining about the jam?
the day before petrol price rose up so high?
take a look at this.. from Wednesday's The Star newspaper..
the thumbnails section.. hehe..

spotted the orange car? i am in the driver seat la!

my first experience of getting stuck in a jam all alone
for nearly an entire hour, thanks to my brother..
was captured on most probably a handphone camera..
by a person of the name Renan Gaultier who
was probably standing in the apartment or shoplots!
not only did this picture won him RM50..
it was printed on the most read English newspaper!

my driving license is less than 3 months old..
so tell me, how many of you get to experience this? XD

anyway, the government should REALLY do something
about the flash flood problem..
not as in only mouth talk, hands no do! ISHHHH..
and STOP their stupid development on every plot of
empty land in the already-way-too-congested areas!
i am kinda curious.. those who approved the projects,
do they actually have brains?
or they are just being plain ignorant? hmmmm..

daddy's came back last night! oh yeah~
but i had to be my brothers' driver and cook..
and also clean the house.. not really a rest day huh? sigh..
my mum's excuse is that for the next few months..
i won't be doing much work.. erm, no comments! =.=""

and i met up with the BU gang at McDonalds last night..
we talked, talked, ate, talked, ate and talked again..
variety of topics were discussed.. hehe..
college work, ghost stories, homosexuality, economics etc?
but no pictures la.. and i love you guys! *hugs*

oh, the bunch of girls and a guy will be coming over later..
i'll be experiencing prom tonight and NS tomorrow.. wee~~

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