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Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank God Is Friday!

i went for my medical check up at two clinics today!

well, the first clinic was a private one..
but the doctor could not do anything..
i showed him my blood test report and my NS medical form..
and he said that i don't need any blood test.. *phew*
cos my report stated that i don't have Hepatitis C antibodies
as i have never suffered from the disease.. obvious right? =.=
so he asked me to call IMU to inform them..
that IMU Malay admission office lady simply say me ah..
waste my time, doctor's time and my petrol.. *waives fist*

the doctor also can't do medical check up for NS on me..
cos i can only get it done in a government clinic..
or some army camp or some sort.. hehe.
he explained to me in detail and didn't even charge me!
i wasted like half an hour of his time, you know..
so i got free consultation.. the doctor very nice lor.. =)

so i headed to a government clinic on the NS booklet..
WALAO A!!! i had a shock of my life.. so many people!
the clinic has all sorts of departments and quite big also..
i was as dumb as a blur sotong.. i am serious..
i had to ask people where to register and get my number!

i had to wait for my number to be called..
then i was assigned to 4 different rooms..
and i paid for my own medical check up with MY money..
i got the proof here.. see my receipt below..

that was how much my medical check up cost me! wee~

for RM1 at McDonalds, you can buy a cone ice-cream..
at a government clinic, you have to put up with mean people
who raise their voice at you because you know nothing..
the ladies were crap but at least the guys were nice.. =)
then you get you eyesight checked, do urine test,
get your height and weight measured then see your doctor!

that is just for the normal check up..
if you need to see a specialist, it will cost you more..
the average price of my lunch.. RM5.. that's a lot! @.@

my first impression of the doctor was that she's not nice..
i don't care if she was a Chinese, i am not biased *peace*
she was like: "what's your problem?"
i told her the problem and she was like "so?"
and i said "so the government say must do check up.."

after that, she began to show her good side..
it all started with this..

Doc: you are UNDER weight ah..
Me: are you serious?
Mum: but she always say she's getting fat..
Me: i gained weight from last year.. =.=
Doc: but you are still under weight.. for your height,
you should be *flip some pages* 65kg!
Me: WHAT???!!! i am not going anywhere near that!
Doc: but that's supposed to be your ideal weight!

i pledge not to exceed my current weight!
don't dream of me revealing about it here.. =P

we continued chatting with the doctor..
she asked what am i studying now and my future studies..
and when i said i wanted to do Dentistry..
she was like "Good! you really know how to enjoy life ah.."
then she explained why.. it was true and pretty funny.. haha..
she's sad that her children do not want to become dentists..
cos she claimed it was the 2nd highest earning profession..
after chemical engineers wor.. yes ah?

but i like her next statement best.. hehe..

Doc: you should study overseas and work there..
Mum: but very expensive lah..
Doc: IMU got twinning what..
Mum: she applied there but opt for local studies..
Doc: no no.. you should send her go, let her experience..
Mum: when she want to specialize only send her overseas..
Doc: that time very hard to get in already la.. let her go..
Mum: but very expensive lah..
Doc: then the daddy and mummy should work harder..
you must decide when applying or else later can't change..
Mum: (to me) then i think you should call IMU la..
Me: are you sure?
Mum: the doctor say go overseas so can go la..

a doctor's statement can change my mum's decision.. WAH!!!
last time when my dad said yes overseas, she said no..
thank you Madam doctor, thank you mummy! *hugshugshugs*
but then i haven't called IMU cos i haven't told my dad..
and of cos i freaking happy inside my heart la.. haha..
i know it's gonna burn a BIG hole in their pockets..
but still.. i can fulfill my childhood hope liao..
*get a place in IMU* FIGHTING!!!

anyway, the next happy thing is that.. i made sushi today!!!
my mum and i tried with the guidance of my cousin's kakak..
the kakak very geng lor.. instead of using glutinous rice,
she used normal rice plus Japanese vinegar!
so we just cut the ingredients and wrap them..

*jeng jeng jeng*

yummylicious.. *drools*

my sushi looks better and is bigger than my mum's! ^^V

sushi is not only healthy, is not even fattening..
so i can eat a lot without ending up as a sumo wrestler!
i still can taste them in my mouth.. haha

i realize that the only thing i like and enjoy about Japan..
is their food! for Korea, it's the other way round.. haha..
since i haven't been to these 2 countries,
i can't comment about their scenery and other stuff.. XD

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