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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a must!

i finally went to Agro Bank today..
lost our way there yesterday, but luck is with us today!
they gave me a free gift for opening an account there too..

the hideous "piggy bank" as we call it.. anyone wants it? =P

anyway, the security guard at the bank was really friendly..
he gave use forms to fill and explained to us what to do!
talking about multi-tasking.. hehe..

i can't believe i have to wait another 3 months for this!
i am referring to Fated To Love You / 命中注定我爱你...
it is now the climax of the series.. XD
and it is by far the best Taiwanese idol drama i have seen!

they broke the Taiwanese idol drama series ratings record
for 3 consecutive weeks! *screams loves screams again*

first it was for Episode 11 with the ratings of 8.13 !
the only other series that have ever exceeded 8 was
Prince Turn Into Frog / 王子变青蛙..
so the main actors of the show Ethan Ruan and Baron Chen
said that they will swim naked in the river if
their ratings reach 10 - the highest possible! =P

Episode 11 preview

then Episode 12.. the ratings went up to 9.17!
it was the most emotional episode i have ever seen..
the actors and actresses were so professional in their acting
i couldn't stop tearing.. like really..
i was so overwhelmed that i sms-ed Shi Wen late night
to ask her to watch.. yes i did that! *whacked*

Episode 12 preview

in last Sunday's Episode 13, filming took place in Shanghai..
the ratings went up to a whopping 9.77!!!
what an eye-opener huh? yes, this series is that interesting!

Episode 13 preview

since it's only aired once a week on Sunday nights..
so i have a freaking looooong wait!
the next episode looks juicy and i am betting that
its ratings will reach the maximum of 10! haha..
no, i am not eager to see the hotties swim naked! *peace*

Episode 14 preview

i recommending good series here leh.. =)
i'll be missing like 12 episodes? if there's 12 la..
you know how sad it is for a movie freak like me? sigh..
so you all must appreciate what you have right now..
it's a must-watch! so do watch! promise???

next topic.. have you heard of CC Lemon?
a Japanese drink that i heard was really yummy..
in Japan, it's the 3rd most sought after drink..
after Coca-cola and Pepsi.. whoa!!!
and Fahrenheit is the ambassador for the brand.. =)))

Fahrenheit in CC Lemon advertisement.. so kawaii!

so Yun Xin have been feeding me with their latest event..
you get to win Fahrenheit concert tickets (by lucky draw)
if you buy CC Lemon and send in 2 labels from the bottle!
CC Lemon is widely sold in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong..
and it seems to be hard to find else where..

have anyone seen CC Lemon sold in Malaysia?
if you do, kindly buy a lot of bottles of it for me and Yun Xin..
must be the ones with Fahrenheit on it ah.. hehe..
we both like Fahrenheit but of different halves..
i like Chun and Calvin while Yun Xin likes Jiro and Aaron! XD

ok, that's it for now.. i blogged too much!
last paper with maximum 3 questions to go! FIGHTHING!!!

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