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Thursday, June 5, 2008

if i have a bad day..

oh my.. Veoh is now blocked in Malaysia.. just great!
i haven't even watch my Hong Gil Dong..
and my The King and The Clown.. T__T
they had one of the best quality videos i ever seen.. how la?

click this video to know how i felt yesterday!

i think if i were singing this song, i would sound like them!
ok, may be not that squeky.. but my voice is getting hoarse..
my more manly voice right now reminds me of IMU..
i think i coughed and talked differently that time..
no sound came out from my voice box ma..
i have a freaking sore throat and cough.. T__T

i had my Maths paper 3 yesterday morning..
and i did not bring my calculator to college..
i know it is very careless of me!
without my pacifier for maths, i was doomed big time!
but i seriously remember putting into my bag..
had to ask around for one and *phew*
i found mine on my sofa, it dropped out of my bag! =.=

anyway, i think i totally screwed it up..
all my preparations were pretty useless!
i have never came across those questions before,
and the usual questions did not even appear?
basically i was skipping the questions all over.. sigh..
since i am not the only one whining..
hopefully they'll lower the grades for our sake! *prays*
then at least i can have a glitter of hope!

next is about flash floods and traffic jam!
OMG!!! i spent 2.5 hours sitting in my car in the evening..
2 semi-circle butt prints sank on the driver seat.. no joke!
i went to send my brother for tuition at TTDI..
the sky was dark at that time then it began to rain heavily..
i think mother nature is playing revenge on us..
cos it was raining cats and dogs for the past few days!
including continuous lightning and thunder..
i hope it won't happen that often in NS.. *prays prays*

ok, so after dropping off my brother, i headed back home..
it was a little jam here and there and suddenly a standstill..
cos there's a flood a few cars ahead of me!
water went into a poor Kancil on the right lane..
it was as high as its number plate!
i guess because he stopped at the traffic lights..
i was in the middle lane when i saw motorcyclists
pushing their bikes.. either the motorcyclist were short,
or the water was really high.. up to their knees!
and the left lane was completely submerged in water..
so obviously no cars moved!

some cars went to the opposite road to move against traffic!
but no avail cos they are still stuck..
some cars from the opposite direction took the challenge
of moving through the flood waters!
high vehicles like lorry, buses and 4WDs manage to pass it..
other lower vehicles just failed miserably..
water went in to their engines.. sigh..
so i called my mum to ask her for guidance..
should i go through the flood waters? *my car higher ma*
should i make a U-turn or wait for the water to subside?

i was stuck at this SAME position for an hour!

some of the cars that got stuck were pushed out by motorist!

waiting in the car with radio as the source of entertainment
is definitely no fun, i tell you~
plus there is no other people in the car to talk to..
i should have brought newspapers to read..
i thought short distance don't need ma..

i was bored so i started drawing on my misty windscreen!

so for the whole hour, i will cheer for every car
that is successful for their attempt..
it is pretty funny to see people copying others' moves! =P

when it started to drizzle instead of pouring..
then car next to me, a Proton Saga from a driving centre..
took up the challenge and lucky thing he made it..
or else the driving centre have to close down already!

empty spot next to me! wee~
i immediately took an illegal U-turn - just like some drivers..
up the pavement and off i go! back to my brother's tuition..

i suffered another round of traffic jam after that..
took like 45 minutes to get home.. swt.. i know..

but bad days come and go right?
at night, went to Cineleisure to watch Iron Man.. like finally!
it was interesting and pretty funny..
no wonder my cousin wanted to watch it again.. haha..

Iron Man poster..

the cast..

he made this in a cave.. cool eh?

upgrading his suit.. pure genius!

the final outcome.. nice!

i had to give up my bed for 2 grandmas last night..
they are at Hainan Islands together with 4 other old folks
with my dad as a guide right now.. *peace*
so i had to sleep on the sofa.. it was still comfy! hehe..
but i feel better today though.. ^^V

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