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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Taylor's CAL Prom 2008


it was themed Chateau Jes Sumieres - whatever it means..=P
and held at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur!

my house was turned into a make-up studio!
14 clients with 7 make-up artists.. WHOA!!!
we were turned into beauties.. swt.. but haha..

we left the house around 6pm and reached there on time!
despite jams and some miscommunication..

with both my "dates".. Shi Wen and Yun Xin

someone requested a shot of Xin's dress.. she's a diva!!!

0701PM10 outside the ballroom..

table 41 and some of 47 with Ms Kwek.. =)

with Melissa the hot chick.. *whistles*

my "lebian" partner got lucky that night.. RASH RASH RASH!

although the prom ticket looked horrible..
and they followed the Malaysian timing quite tightly..
i would like to say KUDOS!!! to the prom committee.. hehe..

the food was great.. like typical Chinese wedding dinner!
some more got shark fin soup leh.. don't play play..
the performances was awesome too..
live bands, singing, break dances etc!

Prom King and Queen nominees games were entertaining!

strip dance for males, belly dancing for females.. =P

OMG!!! i totally enjoyed my time with all my girlfriends.. =)
our nearly-an-hour of dancing made me quite high too..
another good start for NS.. haha..

so sorry for extremely short update here..

it's now like 2am.. and i seriously need to get some sleep!
my eyes are like a panda now.. thanks to the make up!
i'll try to remove them again when i wake up.. hehe..

will give you the details and more pictures during my break!

which is most probably some where in August..
so stay tuned ok?

see you guys soon! love ya all.. *hugs*

oh ya, try not to spam my chatbox k..
cos limited to 100 messages only! miss me ~

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