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Monday, June 9, 2008

I Love Korea! Dream Concert 2008

this post will only fascinate hallyu fans! *hyper hyper*

the 14th annual "I Love Korea! Dream Concert 2008"
was held on 7 June 2008 at Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul..
it was jointly organized by Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)
and Korean Entertainment Producers Association..
basically it's a mega music festival aimed to promote
patriotism and stop illegal music downloading.. *ahem*

only the top singers of Korean music scene performed
in front thousands of screaming fans.. they include:

TVXQ / DBSK (can't find their red carpet pic)

Super Junior.. where's my Si Won?


Girls' Generation /SNSD


Epik HIgh

Wonder Girls


Bae Chi Gi


MC Mong

Buga Kingz

AST' 1


Mighty Mouth together with JJ (middle)


Choo Sung Hoon / Yoshihiro Akiyama

seating positions of the fans in the stadium..
*credits to Michelle@ShenYuePop for the translations*

these are what fans call themselves (this is all i know la)
1. Cassiopeia - TVXQ
2. Ever Lasting Friends (E.L.F.) - Super Junior
3. Triple S - SS501
4. Wonderfuls - Wonder Girls

i went digging here and there to get details for this post!

Cassiopeians were the most fanatic *whacked by Shi Wen*
they brought along red balloons and prepared:
- "Hi TVXQ" cards along with special cheers
- "Only TVXQ" light sticks
- 3 songs for Yoo Chun's birthday (June 4)
- special cheers during Purple Line intro
- cell phone lighting during Tonight

some of the many banners for DBSK..

power of Cassiopeia: Hi TVXQ!!!

they also did human wave together with E.L.F.

E.L.F. also sang a birthday song for Ryeowook (June 21)
when Super Junior first came out to the stage..
E.L.F. released their pearl sapphire balloons to the sky!
and even though the concert ended..
E.L.F. stayed back to sing Super Junior songs!

it was also Super Junior Happy's debut live performance! =)
they sang the cute song Cooking! Cooking!

take a look at this fan cam from Cassiopeia..
remember to tone down the volume! A LOT of screaming~

crazy right?
so i told my mum that if we ever go Korea..
we must go during June.. not only because it is spring..
but also for this annual Dream Concert.. *peace*
the Korea Tourism Board also promote this leh.. click here!

here is the 1st part of Dream Concert 2008 aired on SBS!
the opening song by Dream Band..
consisting Super Junior, Girls' Generation and SHINee.. ^^

Kyuhyun's and Jonghyun's singing was HOT!

Siwon's drumming was just as HOT! *drools*

and the fans: OMG! so supportive and colourful!

did you noticed that Heechul was hosting?
although i don't understand what they are saying..
i shall wait for the subtitles.. hehe.. but i know
the fans aren't listening cos they were busy screaming! =P
for the rest of the 3-hour concert aired in half the time..
please go search for yourself.. very easy to find de.. *peace*

DBSK in white during their performance

but after some researching..
Dream Concert was more like fanclubs' battleground..
they have fans being blocked at the entrance..
fans boycotting other bands' performance,
ripping of banners, cursing each others' bands,
probably some bashing up and sexual harassment..
it was rumored that there are fans who were stabbed! @.@

what happens when you try to fit 50,000 fans
into a stadium for 35,000 people? this.. *gulps*

3000 E.L.F. stranded outside despite tickets bought!
so they supported Super Junior from the outside! aww..

fans jumping over the walls..

yes, hallyu fangirls and fanboys are THAT fanatic! =P
they definitely need a change of attitude! sigh..
of cos when they air on TV they don't show these la! hehe..

guess what? even CNN reported about hallyu in Thailand..
more accurately the big fanbase of DBSK and Super Junior!
but i think hor, they got confused la.. =.=
they are saying Super Junior but showing DBSK pictures!

i am feeling so hyper right now! *MUST STUDY LAH*

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