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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CNY 2008 is 2 days away!

Chinese New Year is just less than 48 hours away..
getting excited??
i have no Chinese New Year mood just yet..
the only thing that excites me this festive season is..
i just can't wait to get my hands on them.. lol

anyway, have all of you done the necessary preparations..
like spring cleaning, deco, food and drinks, angpao packing?
most importantly.. got your new clothes, shoes and bags?
because i have done all of that..
but i still don't have THE mood.. how lah?

anyway, angpao packing is my expertise..
i have been in charge of doing so since few years ago..
i just L.O.V.E. the touch, smell and sight of brand new notes!
even though it's not my money.. but still.. ^^

take a look at the new look of our RM50 note..
the first impression it gave me was.. Hong Kong dollar!

the above is the new one, and below is the old one..

the back of the notes

everyone of you have Astro right?
so the MUST-watch this CNY, more like this "Cho Yat", are..

1) Fahrenheit new music video on Feb7, Thursday
at 7.25pm only on Disney Channel (Ch 615)

2) S.H.E. Live @ KL Concert Special on Feb7, Thursday
at 8pm on Astro AEC (Ch 301)

3) TVXQ 2nd Asia Tour "O" Concert on Feb7, Thursday
at 9.30pm also on Astro AEC (Ch 301)

basically i want to watch these back-to-back concerts..
cos i didn't attend them last year..
nobody sponsor me mah.. =P

if this year i collected enough $$ and studied for trials,
i probably can persuade my parents to let me go for
Five Treasure Island a.k.a F.T. Island's concert..
the new teenage Korean boyband is Shi Wen's new love!
this March 30 at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre..
Shi Wen suggested to go for it..=)

or maybe if i am lucky enough..
i get to win 2 Jay Chao's concert tickets from Munchys!
then i can go to Stadium Merdeka on Feb 23 to watch it!

how cool is that? * i am day-dreaming so ignore me*

eh, why i am talking about concerts all of a sudden?
the topic is supposed to be about CNY.. =.=

to everyone reading this.. GONG XI FA CAI / 恭喜发财!! =)

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