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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

driving test #2

after more than 3 months of hard work..
i finally passed my driving!!
wee~ woo hoo~ oh yeah~

this time my tester is a Malay guy..
at least he didn't call me "dangerous driver"..
i told you Malay guys are more cincai.. haha..
as long as they get kopi money.. everything is possible!

this tester of mine seemed to be like my instructor..
he didn't just sit there quitely..
but instead told me what and when to do..
"ok, 1st gear/ depan lagi/ cepat sikit/ 2nd gear/
kiri, kiri/ sekarang kanan" etc..
i didn't even need to stop at the straight white line..
or free gear- then- hand brake at the "Berhenti" sign..
cos he said "pergi, pergi tak ada kereta".. @.@

but the point is.. at least he passed me.. hehe..
my mother still don't allow me to drive her car..
she don't trust my driving just yet
and also cos i haven't get hold of my P-licence..
oh well.. i will need to drive people around next time..
so no point rushing.. =P

and.. Jazz is so much easier to drive compared to Myvi!

i am still feeling happy.. =)

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