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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

rejection and acceptance..

after few days of not going online,
feels like something weird is going on.. hmm..

i was rejected big time by the 3 dental schools in UK..
those i applied la.. so feeling kinda sad now.. =(((((
sigh.. i wonder whether i can qualify for the rest?
if i really can't then pharmacy is an option..
at least i have 2 offers already..

i guess i have to work harder as luck is not by my side..
which reminds me of Chemistry!
i cannot screw up this paper.. *cross fingers*

anyway, totally unrelated to the above..
my aunt has been staying at my place for the past week..
and every day she cooks a dish for us..
basically those which my mum don't usually cook..
like [insert a name] pork or [insert another name] soup..
so we are kinda her guinea pigs la.. *shhhh alright*

another thing is that..
i have been eating bird nest like nearly everyday this week!
my mum cooked it before my aunt came..
cos my whole family was unwell.. till now..
it really sucks when you have not been getting sick in years,
and all of sudden you get sick!

but my aunt started boiling bird nest again..
which according to her is much better and more expensive..
she puts like a lot of it.. chunks and chunks..
so there goes few thousand ringgit..

and they are making me eat bowl after bowl..
exam wor, so must eat more.. muahaha..
but of cos i like to eat them! who doesn't? =P

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