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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

of needles and more needles!

a blood donation drive was organized in Taylor's..
by Rotaract Club for yesterday and today, i think..
so Pusat Darah Negara nurses were there..

last night, Shi Wen suggested that we donate together..
at first, i refuse la.. scared i pengsan or something..
i used to have this phobia towards needles..
and somehow, i managed to overcome my fear..
which is essential cos a dentist need to use needles too! =P

so i asked my mum whether i should donate or not..
she straight away agreed, saying that a big buffalo like me..
should have enough blood to donate.. =.=

parents say ok means ok la..
i made my decision.. donate blood after class!

when in college, we persuaded Melissa to join us as well..
she refused repeatedly but at the end, she agreed!
after getting permission from her mum of cos..
precious daughter ma~ hehe
i asked Yun Xin to join, but she don't want..
phobia towards needles too!

we went to the teachers' lounge after class..
oh my, plenty of people!
don't know whether they are donating their blood..
or just standing around waiting for free stuff..
yes, they do give free stuff to donors..
a cup of Milo, bread, biscuit, a packet of soya bean,
iron pills and phosphic acid (some vitamin, i think)..

so we fill in the form and answered the questionnaire..
and then lined up to get our blood tested..

us three filling the forms

what the lady did to the potential donors was:
cleaned then pricked their finger, wiped off the blood,
pressed the finger to extract the blood..
placed a drop of blood into two boxes on the A4 paper,
add a blue and yellow solution on to the blood,
blend them well to get the correct colour..
and tadaa~ this is when you know your blood type! =)

Shi Wen said she did this experiment for Bio in Form 5..
but i didn't.. so sad.. the colours were really pretty!

then it was my turn..
i sat down and gave the lady my form, waiting patiently..
but i didn't even go through this stage! T___T
the moment she saw my IC number.. i was rejected!
i was not of age.. and i needed my parents' permission letter..
SWT.. SWT.. SWT.. *cries*

anyway, i still went to see the next stages..
they had to clarify whether the donors are suitable or not..
so have to check the blood pressure, glucose level etc..
Shi Wen was turned down at this stage..
she had a vaccination less than 3 weeks ago..
so only Melissa was able to donate..
she was grumbling quite a bit la..
cos we persuaded her but we can't join her..
at least Pearly is the other PM10 that participated..=)

next was the recording information part..
have to give IC and they gave a record-card-sort-of..
then, Melissa was seated on THE CHAIR..
*jeng jeng jeng*

we stayed back to teman Melissa..
just in case she freak out or something.. lol..

the nurse placed a white cloth on Melissa's legs..
(only applicable for gals but i don't know why)
the nurse cleaned and injected her hand to numb it..
and out came the needles!
she professionally inserted the needle..
which was around 0.5cm thick, i guess?
followed by the tube linking to the blood packet..

the moment the tube was inserted,
Melissa's blood flowed out very fast.. very good lor!
means her blood is not thick unlike the guy next to us..

Melissa donating blood..

so in less than 10 minutes, everything was done..
they sealed the packet, get some blood samples
and removed the tube in a split second!

her 450ml of blood.. warm blood! XD

after that, Melissa was both excited and relieved!
she said it wasn't pain at all..
glad that you have made the right choice..
get to help people and get a certificate! =)

anyway, since i didn't donate blood..
i went for Hepatitis vaccination instead..
when the doctor placed the needle into my flesh,
i didn't look.. just in case ma.. *gulps*
i was imagining the familiar scene from They Kissed Again!
but it was like an ant-bite..
though it hurt a little after the injection..
my hand got like numb for an hour.. hehe

anyway, enough already about needles.. see ya! =)

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