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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my current part-time job

i have been working for 7 days already.. how time flies!
yes, i am temporarily earning my own money..
not that much but should be enough for this few months.. XD

my job now is an admin at Student Admission office..
since i am still new to the job, all i do is
data entry, filing and photostatting.. hehe..
although my department head allows me to answer calls
and entertain prospective students and their parents..
i haven't done so yet as i am not familiar with the courses!
so yeah.. i'll just let the phone ring till someone picks it up..
or just ask those who walk-in enquirers to have a sit.. =P

basically the data entry is the most tiring to me..
facing the computer for the entire day has strained my eyes!
i prefer filing.. don't ask me why.. my colleagues hate it..
may be cos those data entry are from oh-so-long-time-ago..
while filing has familiar names and faces in it? haha..

wanna know the best part of this job?
i get to spot hot / better-looking guys every now and then..
my department is one of the most frequent by students..
and we are situated with the Student Affairs Department..
so obviously right? >.<

other than that, is my colleagues who are quite out-going..
their never-ending stories and jokes always made my day!
i mean it is so cool for their children to have such mothers..
they are not the aunty-type la.. mostly in their early 30's?

oh, the tea/ coffee/milo machine in the staff common room
has one of the tastiest tea i ever had..
i mean like 2nd-placing after my dad's.. hehe
and i get free refills whenever i like.. muahaha..

i am definitely the youngest there..
but some of them actually thought i finished a degree!
i was like what??? do i look that old?
i am your future student la!

and i seriously need to start changing my wardrobe..
to something more suitable for formal wear..
cos like 98% of the students dressed like that..
so far, less than 10 people i saw wore jeans.. *gulps*
i think only i wear jeans to work EVERYDAY.. -__-

anyway, i am pretty happy now..
cos i am work-free for 5 days in a row..
took leave on friday! my first-ever leave..
that's an achievement! =)

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