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Sunday, September 28, 2008

movies of the week!

i haven't been watching movies in the cinema for ages now..
since june i guess? that was when my exams ended.. haha..

anyway, i went to watch this moviel.. i bet you know of it!

released on my birthday but i watched it last night.. hehe..

it was a very entertaining musical..
it has all the elements needed to be worth watching..
giving a glimpse of laughter, romance, misery at times..
pretty adventurous and spontaneous.. haha..
their singing is quite awesome..
Meryl has this powerful voice.. whoa!
but Pierce's was just so-so.. may be he should just be 007!

so basically the summary of the story is like this..
an independent, single mother who owns a small hotel
on an idyllic Greek island, Donna Sheridan (Meryl Streep)
is about to let go of Sophie (Amanda Seyfried),
the spirited daughter she's raised alone.

for Sophie's wedding.. what Donna did was..
inviting her two lifelong best girlfriends..
practical and no-nonsense Rosie (Julie Walters)
and wealthy, multi-divorcee Tanya (Christine Baranski)
from her one-time backing band, Donna and the Dynamos!

L-R: Tanya, Donna and Rosie

but Sophie has secretly invited three guests of her own too.

Sophie trying to keep Bill, Sam and Harry away from her mum..

on a quest to find the identity of her father..
well, to walk her down the aisle..
Sophie brings back three men from Donna's past
to the Mediterranean paradise they visited 20 years earlier!

yes.. they are Sophie's possible fathers..
Bill Anderson (Stellan Skarsgard),
Harry Bright (Colin Firth)
Sam Carmichael (Pierce Brosnan)..
very risk-taking of her right?

over 24 chaotic, magical hours..
new love will bloom and old romances will be rekindled
on this lush island full of possibilities!!
it's interesting and unexpected at the same time.. haha..

Donna and The Dynamos performing on Sophie's bachelorette night

and of cos the three possible dads enjoying the show.. =)

Donna walking Sophie down the aisle with bridemaids Lisa and Ali

what's with Sky's and Sophie's expression during the wedding?

want to know more? go watch it for yourself then! hehe..

next movie that i am going to recommend is..

a 2007 production that i watch this afternoon..=)

it is the story of an idealistic teacher's attempts
to make a difference in the lives of her at-risk students..
Located in gang-ravaged Long Beach, California..
Woodrow Wilson High is a hotbed of violence,
due to a voluntary integration program..
which brings Black, Latino, Asian, and White students together!
from juvenile delinquents, gang members, and poor students..
all hoping for nothing more than make it through the day!

the fresh-faced and literally unknown cast of youngsters..

rather than creating healthy diversity like expected..
this program breeds constant war between all parties involved..
the result being daily gun shots,
constant racial slurs, and gang violence.. ouch!!!

arguments in class..

fear while being on the streets..

the freshman class 203 where Erin Gruwell (Hillary Swank)
is sent to teach is both naïve and wise beyond its years..
while never having heard of the Holocaust,
these kids are well-versed in the pain of poverty,
the legal system, and death..

despite being up against unthinkable violence,
devoted first-time teacher Erin never gives up..
but slowly bonded with her class of at-first unreachable pupils..
breaking down their tough exteriors..
and getting at the real people beneath.. so nice of her!

the question is how?

starting from the "line game"..

in the classroom, Erin brings in music and literature
from another kind of ghetto, The Diary of Anne Frank etc..
with these simple tools she opens her students' eyes
to the experiences of those suffering intolerance
and struggles of those outside their own communities..

dancing to the music in class..

unfortunately, the teachers who were not supportive!

knowing that every one of her students has a story to tell,

Erin encourages the students to keep a daily journal
of their thoughts and experiences.. =)

a toast for change! they began reading books they can related to..

class participation from those at-first uninterested increased

integration barriers were reduced..

Erin gained trust and respect from her students..

a strain is put on Erin's marriage as her student involvement
gradually takes priority over her personal life..
the intensity with which Erin relates to her work
threatens her husband Scott (Patrick Dempsey),
who in seeing Erin's transformation,
is reminded of his own stagnancy.. aww, how pitiful!

happy marriage no more.. =(

but after sharing their stories with one another,
the students see their shared experience for the first time..
and open uo to the idea that there are possibilities
in life outside of making it to the age of eighteen!

and guess what? it was based on a true story..
the students' writings were compiled in a book..

yup, this one..

the original Freedom Writers..

it's definitely good to watch! i promise..=)

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