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Saturday, September 6, 2008

officially back from National Service

hey hey hey people!!!

missed me loads huh?
i think i'll update on my National Service stint soon..
definitely not today though..

my eyes are freaking swollen..
thanks to the tears which were shed whole night..
first during the closing ceremony last night around 11pm..
when we hugged and shook hands with our teachers..
then during 3 a.m. when we sent our Sabah friends off..
followed by 5 a.m. for our Terengganu friends..
and finally at 9 a.m. for those the Selangor friends..
our Sarawak friends will only leave the camp at 3 p.m.

so what they said were true..
first you fret about getting chosen for NS..
then you cry till you have no more tears when leaving!

hi and bye.. there goes my 3 months!
more later.. hehe..

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