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Thursday, August 14, 2008

down, down, down..

dreams start crashing down, followed by rolling tears..
i haven't seen such results in my entire life..
disappointed, broken-hearted, miserable.. what else?

waved goodbye to Dentistry..
and crossing fingers for Pharmacy..

i wondered what happened?
watched too much dramas? i stopped long before exam..
last minute studying? i think i revised thrice..
relied too much on textbooks and past year papers?
sigh.. i don't know..

the vision for my future is temporarily blurred..
i'll just have to finish my National Service stint..
and try to enjoy and savour the last few weeks of it..

i will try to revive back to my usual self as soon as possible..
yes, to the happy-go-lucky self i used to be..
sadness.. do go..go go go very far away..

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