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Thursday, November 6, 2008


update: Sang, if you ever read this..
i think i saw RASH RASH RASH just now..
he was here for a couple of times ed.. haha..

i just made a call to Seoul, Korea!!!

it was to a house number..
i tried calling the handphone number few times..
but was greeted by this voicemail thingy in Korean..

Boris made me call the guy, he says give me chance wor..
he deals with Korean girls..
while i am supposed to deal with the Korean guys..
*Hwa Rang* we talked bout him fairly often in the office.. haha..

anyway, guess how the receipent greet me?


i was awed.. *swoons*
he sounded hot.. i hope he is hot though!
it wasn't the intended receipient.. but his brother!

i have never imagined i would ever hear that in my life..
i mean other than from the Korean drama series..

so i am pretty hyper right now.. haha..
i think i should start learning and practising Korean..
since i bought a Korean phrase book few weeks back! =P

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