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Thursday, November 27, 2008

chinese visitors!

i realized i havent been blogging or going online lately..
what to do? i kinda have fixed schedules everyday.. hehe..

i woke up extremely late today!
like at 7.18am according to the time shown on my phone..
usually at that time, i am already sitting in the car..
so i was rushing like crazy.. i broke my own record..
i was ready in 10mins! like how fast is that?
and obviously panting by the time i reached the car.. =P

i believe it was because i finally slept in my own room..
on my extremely comfy bed after two long weeks..
i have been sleeping in cousin Creamy's home
as i have to sacrifice my room for guests from China..
so every night i'll be like an immigrant in pyjamas
carrying 2 bags, looking for shelther.. haha..

since my dad and his brothers sponsored their trip here..
free flight, free accomodation, free food! so untung hor?
they flew in from Hainan Island by AirAsia..
we (excluding me) had to bring them around sight seeing..
i only spent time with them at home.. hehe..

a day trip to Malacca..

night view of KLCC..

visited Bukit Tinggi..

the Pagoda on the way to Genting Highlands..

at First World Indoor Theme Park.. i doubt they played!

Batu Caves.. i have only passed by the road!

at some river.. i never knew existed in the Klang Valley..

amused by tudung-clad Malays.. so had to take a picture!

they also went to KL tower.. i haven't been up there either.. T_T

visited Agong's palace unlike me.. i am not Malaysian enough..

they even went to the temple i went to during NS days..

anyway, the Chinese visitors are actually our relatives..
they were here to surprise my aunt..
nobody mentioned that they were attending her birthday!

birthday cake no.1 during my aunt's birthday lunch..

this was supposed to be a "thank-you-darling" kiss!

souvenirs imported all the way from Hong Kong!

my latest family portrait in the longest time!

birthday cake no.2 bought by the nieces and newphews..

the lovebirds played waiter and waitress of the night! priceless~

the boys who used to look alike..

the girls.. Lisyn just came down from Perth!

i asked them to feed each other.. but it turned out like that?

not forgetting the luggage bag from the nieces and newphews!

this basically sums up my long distant relatives' trip here!
most likely it would be their first and last time in Malaysia..
so i have to blog it out for their rememberance.. lol..

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