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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i crave for movies/series!!!

i am lack of blogspiration lately..
i think it's because of my super boring life i am having now..
weekdays are like dedicated to my work!

by 6.30 every morning i'll be up and getting ready..
then i'll spend my entire day at the office..
i'll be back home around 6pm at the earliest..
and if i am unlucky and get stuck in the jams..
it'll be around 8pm or so.. how sad is that? T____T
then i'll watch tv and do some reading before i sleep!

my weekends however is a complete opposite..
i'll wake up by noon.. i can really sleep in, so don't play play..
basically half a day is gone.. haha..
lately the outings i went are for eating only..
then i dilly-dally and my weekends are gone!

how boring can my life be?

ANYWAY, that's it for my tantrums.. =P

now, let's move on to the next topic..
which may bore some of you, and may excite the rest!
i bet you have guessed it right.. SHOWS!!!

first one up would be a Korean movie called Antique..

it was aired in Korean cinemas since November 13..
the same goes for Singapore.. but why not in Malaysia?
just because it is a bit Brokeback Mountain-ish?
or it's because Korean fan base is bigger in the South?
the latter is highly unlikely though.. *wonders*

there are 2 options for me..
one is watching from the cinemas and the other is..
you-know-where-la.. it's a-word-that-must-not-be-named!

watch the trailer here.. Joo Ji Hoon is smoking.. EWWW!

next up is Love or Bread / 我的億萬麵包..

this series is being broadcast right now in Taiwan..
every Sunday night.. like the usuals.. since 16 November..
i absolutely love this couple.. they look so good together!

ooh.. i can't wait to watch! haha..

the similarity of the two shows above?
my favourite actors starred in them! =DDD

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