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Monday, December 1, 2008

korean food!

last night, i had my first taste of Korean BBQ dinner!
cousin Creamy's mum treated us at Arisu.. *yum yum*

the moment i opened the menu.. i saw this..

and this.. i would literally cried if i were paying.. =P

but i think we didn't order those sets..
instead we chose the ala carte if i remembered correctly!

we were served with cold towels before the meal..
isn't it supposed to be hot so that can kill bacteria?

then the waiters and waitresses started serving appetizers..
the vegetable was like sweet, sour and bitter!

the table setting before us..

i was amazed how slim the chopsticks were..
like one Chinese chopsticks karate-chopped into half!
and then our drinks were served..

green tea, not Koren tea, served in Carlsberg glasses..

then out came our dishes..

the tiny dishes can be refilled as many times as we can eat..
they were very generous with the portions..
but you must finish every bit of food or they won't refill..
so we were basically gobbling down everything.. haha..

the waiter cutting pork into pieces.. next to it is an onion!

the yummylicious egg which is free..

lamb in the process of being barbecued..

chicken! so big piece..

so it had to be cut for it to be cooked easily..

kimchi soup.. pretty healthy..*slurps*
and i can assure you that it taste way better than kimchi!

do my cousin and my niece look like Koreans? XD

i made him pose with the kimchi to promote it..
cos he has a Korean-inspired haircut! haha..

for people like me, who usually eats a lot..
don't look down upon those small portions of food served..
the meal was actually quite filling.. =)

p/s: pictures were taken using my phone! sorry if blurred..

p/p/s: i hope they don't serve kimchi every meal in Korea!

p/p/p/s: i didn't see hot Koreans.. we were in our own room..

p/p/p/p/s: i can't wait till Thursday! =D

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