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Thursday, December 18, 2008

5 hrs at pyramid

finally met up with 2 PM10 gals today..
it has been like 6 months since i saw most of them..
like since prom! just a day before National Service.. oh my..
Ee Ching and Eu Nee, thank you so much for coming!

our final college day as a class.. only part of PM10 is in here! =P

i called the rest but they were quite pre-occupied..
classes, out-of-town trips and self-grounded for over-spending!
you know who you are.. haha..
anyway, you know i miss you gals (and guy) a lot!!!

ok, so yeah.. today we were at Sunway Pyramid..
did a little catching up and watched a movie!

YES is the new "no".. haha..

attending the seminar that changed his life..

one day i'll do the bungee jump too! mark my word.. =D

the preview.. you can catch this movie in the cinemas!

after that was lunch at Delifrance..
it took quite a while to make that decision..
reminds us of college days at Subang!
Asia Cafe, Peppercorn, Uncle Seng, market, Casamia etc? =)

up next is the most challenging part of the day..
shopping for a GUY's present..
i can tell you it's just utterly ridiculous and difficult!
so Melvin, if you ever read this.. be thankful! haha..

since i bought his present from Parkson..
obviously i get free wrapping service from there as well..
so we went to the Customer Service centre..
i wanted the 2 items to be wrapped in a bag..

*and long story cut short*

the guy wrapped both items separately!
and i was like " i thought i told you to wrap it together?"
the poor guy stared at me with a blank face for 1/2 minute!

since i thought he was kinda cute.. no, like seriously..
tall, dark and handsome.. get the picture? Indian though..
and he was still looking blankly..
so instead of firing at him.. i went like..
"do you have a ribbon or something to tie it up?"
he pointed to shelves and said "over there.."
and the Malay lady next to him added "but need to pay.."
for the few cm of ribbon i need to buy the entire roll..
plus it's another rm7.. so no way, no way!

while we were leaving.. the cute guy apologised.. thrice!
and i forgave him of cos.. reasons?
one, he lined up at the counter to pay for the wrapper..
with my money la.. i doubt he's a Yes Man.. =P
two, the wrapping also not bad.. three, he's cute!

so yadda, yadda.. that's about it.. no pictures! hehe..

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