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Thursday, December 4, 2008

happening Thursday!

seriously, i had all the fun today..
like i have to spell out the fun!!! F.U.N. *lame*

from exhausting walks up and down the building..
shoulder-ache from carrying files and chairs..
a dry throat which still stays despite drinking lots of water,
i suspect it is from my ajinomoto-filled lunch..
to head-hunting for potential good-looking people
and a hell lot of laughter..

as usual, the day of the week which interviews go on..
peak period usually starts after lunch till round 3-ish?

anyway, surprisingly.. it was kinda kelam-kabut today!
cos like 6 interviewees didn't turn up? God knows why..
it's like lecturers calling us, we call the students..
students don't pick up, very panicky feeling i tell you..
and at a few occasions students turn up in a blue!

situation was berserk and disastrous.. but fun... haha..

i saw quite a few good-for-the-eyes guys today.. for a record!
a taller-and-biggger-built-than-me white South African,
a Sri Lankan with light make-up to cover his pimples,
a Malay-Chinese mixed with good accent and smile,
and a teddy bear-like smooth and rosy cheeks Korean.. =D

my job is usually to register the interviewees..
i spoke to the rest of the people except one..

i didn't get to speak to the South African..
as his situation is a lil more complicated than the usuals..
his first impression was terrible to me, cos he was sooo red!
i was disappointed cos he don't look like what i expected..
his picture in the passport is like a film star!

but then the next time we met, i thought he looked good..
Shien Ni and Felicia thinks that i have hormone imbalance..
cos they say he looked exactly like the first time they saw!

before he left after 30 minutes sitting right in front of me,
which i accidently-on-purpose snapped a picture of him.. =P
he said thank you, smiled and waved goodbye to me!
*oh! the heat wave.. swoons*

the Sri Lankan had a name which don't match his looks..
the Malaysian was half asleep when i called him last week!
the Korean is the one i mentioned in my earlier post,
his brother with the nice voice came along too..
they both don't look alike, but the latter looks familiar..
just like Jonghyun from Korean boyband SHINee! no joke..

the rest were all nice and smiling..
still no sign of nervousness yet!
i mean, they have to ma.. just in case i dislike them..
and direct them to the wrong room.. muahaha..
but i am not that mean la.. i am very nice.. *agree?*
i don't jeopardize other people's chances! =)

so yaddaa, yaddaa.. long story cut short.. =P

up next is the outside-the-toilet incident.. don't laugh ah~

Felicia was like having her own sweet time in the toilet..
Shien Ni and i were waiting for quite a while,
so we decided to scare her again.. *evil plan*
the last time we tried, we failed ma..
but i was determined that it'll succeed this time round..
i stood directly next to the toilet door, not behind the wall!

i saw a reflection on the toilet wall so i was prepared..
reflection was getting closer and closer.. *ready 1,2..*
and i put my hand out at the door!

the sound "WHOAAA~~~" greeted me at that exact moment..
it didn't come from Felicia but an Indian guy!
i said "Ooopsss.." and started laughing..
he was definitely caught by surprise..
and he laughed all the way along the corridor!

i was trying very hard to control my laughter leh..
until i forgot to say sorry to him.. how embarassing!
Shien Ni followed the suit when she saw the guy walking..
luckily Shien Ni hid at the next corner..
or he'll think i am stalking him outside the toilet! =____=

and so i waited for Felicia and managed to scare her.. haha..
we related the encounter to her and i blamed her for it..
we had a freaking good laugh about it..
like really.. until 10 minutes after we sat in the car!

how can a Thursday be any better??!! XD

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