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Sunday, February 22, 2009

drama series~

oh no, don't run away after seing the title!
this is a long overdue post.. haha..

i am going to introduce 3 drama series this time.. hehe..
the very first one is a Korean drama series Il Ji Mae / 一支梅..
its cast consist of cute Lee Jun Ki, pretty Han Hyo Joo,
adorable Lee Young Ah and hottie Park Shi Hoo..

i watched this series in 4 days during CNY break!
many thanks to sis Lilyn who bought the DVD..

the Il Ji Mae poster.. =)

this is a Korean version of Robin Hood story..
basically Lee Jun Ki plays 3 characters in the story..
first Lee Geum, then Yong and Iljimae..
it's very difficult to explain the situation here..
watch the entire 20-episode series to understand! =P

this drama series takes place in the historical times,
where Yong was a gangster at the market on broad daylight..
and a thief who robs corrupted officials' houses at night..
he'll leave a drawing of a plum tree after each robbery..
the stolen goods or gold coins were distributed to the poor!

well, the main reason for his actions was to search for
a sword with this unique carving,
which was used to kill his father when he was very young..

Korean drama won't just be pure action series..
there must be some love triangle, somehow.. haha..
in Iljimae there are 2 actually..
2 girls like 1 guyand 2 guys like 1 girl..
but the guy and girl who like each other,
can't show their affection cos of some complications..

and yadaa~ yadaa~ watch the preview yourselves:

this is my favourite character in the series, Shi Hoo..*loves*

the guy acting is call Park Shi Hoo.. how cool is that?
he's so nice, smart and determined to prove himself..
and he's H.O.T.!!! not only the face, but his body as well.. XD

up next is a Taiwanese drama series..
it started with sis Lilyn's DVD during CNY as well..
but due to time constraint, i am watching it from 8TV..
it's every weekday 8.30pm, ending this Friday i think.. hehe..

presenting Miss No Good / 不良笑花.. *claps claps*

(L-R): Wilber Pan, Chen Yan Xi, Ranie Yang and Dean Fujioka..
acting as Tang Men, Jiang Mi, Xiao Hua and Jia Si Le..

at the start of the series, you'll have tonnes of laughter..
number 1 due to stupidity of the characters..
number 2 is Rainie's annoying squeaky voice.. *aargh*

but then due to curiousity of "what happens next?",
the entertainment and the hotties in the show..
you'll continue watching and try to ignore Xiao Hua..
you'll start to fall for Jia Si Le first, followed by Tang Men..
you'll get use to Xiao Hua and begin to like her character..
then you'll hate Jiang Mi for being bitchy and pity her later..

watch the preview here:

last but not least, my latest find..
i only found it last Monday but i believe it's just the first episode..
although i think they have already aired all in Korea..

Hana Yori Dango / Boys Over Flowers

anyway, i have only watched till the 2nd episode..
where Jandi declared war with Junpyo..
who is the leader of the infamous F4 group in Shin Hwa highschool..
after she witnessed his lan si character..
Jandi fell for the other nice member of F4 Ji Hoo..
and now both Junpyo and Ji Hoo likes her..

it stars Koo Hye Soon, Lee Min Ho, Kim hyun Joong,
Kim Ki Bum and Kim Joon.. all good looks~ =D

for now it airs on KBS World, Channel 303 on Astro..
every Monday and Tuesday 9pm..
twice a week means i would have time to study..
and not just glued to the computer.. yeah!

the preview of Boys Over Flowers: enjoy!

that's all for this post.. end of dramas introduction! hehe..

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