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Sunday, March 1, 2009

IMU Orientation Week 1..

this is what i have been having all week..

my body is aching all over, on my thighs to be exact! T___T
but i really had a fun and exhausting week!
reminds me of NS except that this time round, there's less food!

to the MEDT1/09 Orientation Committee, bravo!
you guys really did a great job so far, the ideas were awesome..
just the implementation and timing need improvement! hehe..

basically there are about nearly 300 newbies this intake..
most of them are Medical students, only 50 are Dental students..
first day as a university student was alright.. *yay finally!*
we just had White Coat ceremony, pledged our oath,
collect some stuff and get our student ID photo taken..
the the Dental students were briefed about our course..

on the second day, we meet our seniors and Deans..
later on we were divided into 14 orientation groups..
and the seniors had this wonderful theme for our orientation..
it's call GROUND ZERO: Can You Survive?
oh btw, our orientation is called MEDT1/09 Bootcamp!
check out this blog for more details.. =)

we were shown this orientation video.. wonderful! *claps claps*
it was about a nameless (i think) virus being spread in IMU..
and the FART team, which i forgot what it stands for..
was there to recruit members to save the survivors!

FART team were introduced to us there and then.. cool? no?

this is our survival guide for 2 weeks!

my orientation group is group 6..
which was subsequently named Deep 6 by the 20 members..
we found out later that there were 2 spies among us..
yes, they are already in Semester 3 - Seniors..
no wonder they are always M.I.A during activities!!

our leader is Jia Wei, the I M Super Soldier (IMSS) is Tay,
Boh, Tom, Cheong, Eu Gene, Anson, Zi Qin, Shing, Thariq,
Shahira, Puvanaa, Amelia, Stephanie, Hui Yi, Michelle, Durga,
and not forgetting me are junior members of Deep 6..
the 2 spies were Jing and Jene.. hehe..

i don't know how many Orientation Officers (OOs) we have..
but the ones i see regularly and know they exist are:
Daniel, Si Han, Ric, Esther, Precelia, Olive, Felicia.. that's about it?

anyway, the very first activity was Ice-Breakers on Wednesday..
which was divided into 2 parts: the dry and wet!
the Dry Ice-breakers was a bit dull and disorganised..
but for the wet one, the seniors had a whole lots of fun..
we had like 10 stations i think and lots of cheer fights!
we ended up with flour, eggs, starch, paint, ink all over us..
and a lot a lot a lot of WATER!!!

i had to endure stares from strangers after all was over..
as i went to a clinic with my dad at around 11.30pm!
just imagine a girl all wet head to toe, with paint on her clothes,
with one patch of pink jelly, harden flour on her hair.. ME!!!
and they asked me what happened.. =.= very embarassing la..

our group name tag: tombstone.. and it's waterproof! =D

the next activity we did was Signature Hunt..
we only got like 40% of the seniors' signature so far..
we had to do all sorts to get their signatures..
the weirdest one so far was to do the Banana Dance
and sing Baa Baa Black Sheep joget-style,
while sitting on each others' legs by bending our knees!
i think the guys had to like catwalk at once.. haha..

some Deep 6 during Signature Hunt, outside Medical Musuem..

Thursday was a break.. *phew*
then on Friday, we had indoor treasure hunt inside the IMU building!
before the game started we had to watch Quarantine..
to get us into the zombie mood.. totally freaked me out ok?!!

Quarantine.. human turned zombies.. that lady acted really well!

Deep 6 with our OOs before the indoor treasure hunt..

i was not in the picture cos i went to the loo!
but i think we have the coolest and biggest flag among all.. =)))

IMU can be a really dark and scary place without the lights on..
it was formerly a shopping mall.. so yeah..
and there were "zombies" everywhere ready to scare us..
we had to protect our group leader who needed to shout:
"chigala bugala.. i know your name is *zombies' name*"
and some random station master gave us the wrong clue..
we ended up at the 2nd last place.. sigh..

the next morning on Saturday, we had Outdoor Treasure Hunt..
at the Bukit Jalil park or something like that..
there were 7 stations all together, if i am not mistaken..
a lot of running and energy draining tasks to do..
i thank God i was born a girl.. guys had a hell of a time!

i had my face painted like a geisha (don't really look like.. haha..)
with flour and Buncho colouring..
use my feet to pass banana, orange and eggs.. to be eaten.. eww!
being carried by 2 guys and my hands stuck into red starch..
butter all over my face, hands and hair, duck and caterpiller walk,
stack over my poor group mates to form a pyramid,
had eggs smashed on to my head, added suger to appear "sweet"..
run 5 rounds, do the helicopter spin at least 50 rounds!!!
i think under the sun, i would have become a cake.. =P

the poor guys had it worse..
lots of pumping, running more rounds, carrying of people,
their heads and shirt soaked in some really smelly liquid..
i heard it was made of dead fish left for days, intestines etc..
apparently doctors must be able to take the smell..
and it is nothing compared to rotten dead bodies.. o.O

our group arrived first at the check point before lunch,
we were at least 5 minutes earlier than the 2nd group..
but i dunno why we weren't even in the top 3..
i think they probably just counted the last stop..
where we had to run from the park hand-in-hand,
to the IMU main entrance to open the safe..
cheh~ no fair!!! all our hard work..

my hair was totally harden to the max after the game!

the raw egg got cooked! and it stank..
luckily my body wasn't that wet, thanks to the sun.. =P

and this morning, i woke up at 6.50am on a Sunday morning!
i reached IMU at 8am.. no jam.. *yeah*
and by the time everyone turned up, it was 9am.. aarrgh..
we headed to KLCC by LRT for our track trip..

we had our breakfast at McDonalds.. easier ma..
took pictures at the places where the clues were given..
and stopped in the middle of the crowd for 5 minutes!
we successfully did so only after the 3rd attempt.. haha..

people were like staring at us and i was going to LOL!
my partners were awesome, i nearly cried.. my eyes hurt!

i love the team spirit and enthusiasm for those who participated!
Deep 6, members and OOs, you guys and girls rock!!!
keep up the good work.. hang in there, just another week to go! =D

and OMG!!! my dear Chun injured his leg during HK concert!!!

means he can't dance or swing when he comes to Malaysia..
but he's doing well in Brunei, stay strong my dear!!!

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