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Sunday, March 15, 2009

life at IMU so far..

classes have been on-going for 2 weeks already..
and this is only applicable to dental students.. hehe..
traveling 40 minutes per journey daily is so not fun,
but what to do? i still want to be pampered at home.. =P

anyway, look what my angel gave me during the orientation?
i later found out that she's Evonne! so sweet of her.. aww~

we have Foundation 1 classes together with the medical students..
they have been so far so good..
we learn like different topics in each class..
more like a repetition of A Levels stuff, just more in depth.. =)

well, just an advice for all future medical or dental students,
take A Levels instead of SAM/WAM, even it's slightly longer..
or you might need to suffer more during your first year!
and this point has been proven.. *winks*

Dental Science 1 is a whole new world to me..
"try remembering the 4 different muscles of mastication:
temporalis, masseter, lateral pterygoid and medial pterygoid.."
i just typed this out for the fun of it (without referring to my notes)
which i believe should be correct.. hehe..
the lecturer told us that in the first craniofacial embryology class..
it was like hearing gibberish, at that point of time!
but i trying to get use to the terms now.. haha..

i think the library would be my second home from now..
cos we have like a lot of self-study sessions..
hopefully looking at models at the medical museum,
will make more sense to me in the near future! *prays prays*

the books that i am currently using.. more to come! XD

oh, do you know that we have to print our own lecture notes..
on our OWN paper, and get charged 8 cents per page?
i find this is utterly ridiculous..
especially when i am paying for the MOST expensive fees in Malaysia!
no i am not joking, it seriously is.. =S

seniors say we don't need to be so kiasu during the first semester..
but everyone seems to be very brainy..
so yeah, i need to put more effort than anyone else..
wish me luck! i will survive~ FIGHTING!!! =)

yesterday, i actually drove to Taman Megah without getting lost! =D
met Melissa and the rest of the Community Service Club at a home..
both of us were like the first to arrive among the group..
total blur case until we spoke to one of the supervisors there..

basically there were like 2 groups of kids there..
one is the disabled kids or adults, not those without hands or legs..
they have them, but they can't stand or walk, just lie on the floor..
some are mentally disabled, while others are just orphans..
some stay there permanently, for others it's just a day care cantre..

the first girl we played with, let's call her Fong..
she has some spinal cord problem since young..
she understands like 4 languages.. better than me!
but she can't really communicate.. so we had quite a tough time..
it's really quite a pity, but she seemed to be enjoying herself..
we played some hand games with her, sang simple songs,
teach her different part of the face and get pinching from her!

then, there's this other guy, an uncle..
who goes around shaking people hands and say "Hi!!!" 30 times each..
there were a few times, he held my hand so hard..
and start pulling me around to say "Hi" with others..
swt i know, but he's having a good time.. so let it be!

another kid, an indian girl with Down Syndrome i believe..
omg, she is so smart! she's like our orientation officer.. no joke!
she wrote a Christmas song, with really good handwriting..
make us find like 10 people to sing the song..
she ordered us to sit in a circle and ask for our name and age..
then she asked us to line up in a straight line!
when we were about to sing, the lunch bell started ringing..

i helped to serve the food to the occupants there..
their portion for the dishes are really small..
but some had like huge amount of rice on their plate!
then i saw another kid with Down Syndrome,
feeding the other kids who are unable to move..
it was really touching, so nice of him.. =)

we also played games with the orphans..
they are really hyper bunch of kids and their games are LOL!
they'll come up with the funniest way to play a normal game..
we usually let them win la.. haha..

the group of us outside the Taman Megah Home.. =)

do you think i should go to the Taman Megah home weekly?
or every alternate week i go to teach the Chow Kit kids English?
i need your suggestions my friends! thanks~

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