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Sunday, March 8, 2009

IMU Orientation Week 2..

our 2-weeks of orientation is finally over..
no more seniors and juniors differences, no more physical torture..
just some mental breakdown to go.. just joking~
so here's what we have been doing for the past week..
other than classes in the morning of course.. =)

remember the Indoor Treasure Hunt i mentioned last post?
here are the zombies.. sticky and sweaty! =P

we had to mummify one member, carry her round the 4th floor..
run and shout our cheer!

anyway, the treasure hunt was continued outdoor the next day..
i think we had like 8 stations or so.. more pictures ahead!!!

passing banana, 2 half-boiled eggs and orange with our feet!

hungry Thariq volunteered to eat them all after being squashed!

next we had to throw water balloons without dropping it..

drawing different body parts on Tom..

already dirty after station no.2?

Group 14 lost the cheer fight.. so the IMSS Philip got egg on his head!
thanks to our IMSS Tay.. haha..

i really pity whoever had to carry me.. i am not light!

Shahira looking for coins inside "chicken blood"..

then we had to duck walk back..

make up artist Precelia doing her job on me..

Hui Yi looked more geisha than me.. haha..

us doing the helicopter spin for those who didn't turn up..

girls putting butter all over ourselves..

throwing raw egg to each other with oily hands.. without dropping!

guys singing Negaraku with the top of their voice..

dip their head into very fishy smelling liquid..

the guys pumping..

our leader Jia Wei and IMSS Tay getting "tortured" by Macha Gang

guys soaking their clothes in foul-smelling water in another station..

the next day, Sunday.. we went for our Track Trip in KLCC..
i arrived at IMU at 8am..
and we had to wait till 9am before everyone showed up!

Deep 6 Track Trippers..

we took the LRT and met our OOs there..

at Kinokuniya..

with one of the best-selling books..

at Aquaria KLCC..

Deep 6 unite!

we practically went up and down the escalators several times.. =P

there's a video of the longest 5 minutes ever in my Facebook..
yes, i finally opened one.. thanks to you guys.. haha..
stopping in the middle of the KLCC crowd!
receiving stares and comments.. lol.. great job! =)

but we had a big fat ZERO for Track Trip..
cos we handed in our CD and comic strip very late.. boo hoo~

Monday evening we had our first Dress Code event..
our group were supposed to be the Justice League..
we decided on Superman, Flash, Batman and Joker.. hehe..
they are Shing, Anson, Boh and Eu Gene respectively..
and we had to incorporated the song Sexy Back in our performance!

our very classic Joker (by far the best), Eu Gene and Thariq..

so here's the video.. it's starts around 2:30.. enjoy!

and that was a Joker-Batman spoof made famous in YouTube.. =D

they had Telematch on Tuesday evening at Sri Petaling field..
i skipped the event cos i wasn't feeling that well..
Deep 6 had a lot of fun in the mud, i heard.. XD

i have mentioned earlier that we'll go all out for signatures?
catch a glimpse of 2 funny things we did..

singing "Seasons in the Sun" in Chinese and Indian slang for Benedict:

sticking ourselves on to the glass of the temporary cafeteria..
it was quite full at that point of time, so equals to more stares!

on Wednesday night we had the second Dress Code activity..
we were supposed to be from the tribal Apache tribe from America..
our special guest was Justin Timberlake, acted by Tom..

here you go:

on Thursday, we were free of any activity..
i went back home at 5pm! what a miracle~

on Friday was our Variety Night..
our IMSS solo performance and group performance of Little Mermaid,
were C.R.A.P.ped in less than 2 minutes.. haha..
and we were sent to Detention.. twice!
what to do? we were all really tired and exhausted!
and i had to drive home at 12 midnight all the way from Bukit Jalil!
Group 9 with their Cinderella storyline was awesome though.. =D

our props of Flounder and Sebastian! our OO Precelia and Tom..

the last activity of Orientation was Finale Night..
we had to dress up as Retro as possible..
free dinner but they had not enough food.. =.="""

the guys who came: Thariq, Zi Qin, Tay, Anson, Jia Wei

the girls: Michelle, Joo Yong, our OO Olive and i..

our head of Deep 6 OO, Daniel.. looking really retro! =)

another OO, Esther (middle) during MEDT1/08 cheerleading show!

our OO Precelia with Elvis-look-alike, Benedict.. haha..

each group had to send out one retro-looking couple to catwalk!
it was me and Thariq.. so embarassing la.. =P

and Happy Birthday Jeremy! the MEDT1/09 Orientation President.. =)

it's not points that matter..
we had lots of fun, and we got to know our team well..
so GREAT job, DEEP 6!!! =)))

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Precelia said...

I miss orientation.
Do u? lol...
I didnt know I appear here =)
which pictures look familiar. XD
Hey I'm gonna go uni 1 day and start taking pics with u guys.
I didnt bring my cam often on orientatn week =(

yean said...

sorry for the extremely late reply..
yes, i seriously miss all the fun! lol.. no probs! *snap snap snap*

Anonymous said...

hey the pics n videos are really cool...GOOD!!!

hey..can u give me the title of your blog song...I like it...

if yes....can you send the title to my email...

o name is emily...nice to meet you!!!

THx ya

yeanc said...

hey emily! thanks for dropping by..
i guess i have to thank my friends for d great videos and photos.. haha.. u r in IMU too?

i m sorry but i do not email strangers.. but u can get the tracks from my sidebar..

if not, here goes~
- 厚脸皮 By Thomas Jack
- 等待 By Thomas Jack
- 王牌 By 许佳麟
- 因为你 By Thomas Jack
- 太阳雨 Tai Yang Yu [ 完整版」 By 东于哲 Dong Yu Zhe

support Malaysian music! =)