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Thursday, March 19, 2009


this is like my very first time ever waking up late..
like twice in less than a week! this is so not me.. GAH!!!

may be it was because no one gave me a morning call?
it's a school holiday, my brothers do not have class..
and so my mum ain't waking up early..
first it was Monday at 6.55am, and this morning at 7am!

i rushed like a total mad person..
got ready in 15 minutes and i skipped breakfast..
not really la, more like eating it in the car..
late already ma.. i usually leave by 7.10am!

speeding all the way, sorry Zeng if i gave you a heart attack!
you gave me one too just the other day..
this is a not-so-sweet revenge.. haha..

someone has something major to do tomorrow morning..
i have to make sure i won't have an "overtime" beauty sleep!
*prays that i hear my alarm clock tomorrow morning*

p/s: major breaking news coming up! =D

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