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Saturday, March 21, 2009

joy to the world and to me!!! ^^V

finally: FAHRENHEIT concert tickets!!! *hyperhyper*

there's only 2 tickets, for me and Yun Xin.. hehe..
i know many of my friends are not Fahrenheit fans.. so yeah..
nobody would be jealous of me.. but just be happy for me alright?

this my second ever concert..
my very first time was the Tsunami Aid Concert back in 2004..
that time i had like VIP seats or what not..
just 10 rows of seat from the centre stage!
and the worst thing was: i don't enjoy music back then..

there was like Black Eyed Peas, whom i didn't know exist then..
and Backstreet Boys and some other famous people..
you feel like whacking me right now hor? *whacked*

counting down the days and only 10 stone throws away from IMU!

oh btw, i had like the longest Medical Musuem session on Friday..
on Craniofacial Osteology.. 3 hours of it, i think..
where we had to identify different parts of the skull!
they have really cool models that kinda give me a headache! =P

some of my dental mates on my right..

and the some of them on my left..

just for fun: the head, foot and hand.. guess which is real?

that's all for now.. eh, eh! wait, wait!
28th March 2009, 8.30pm-9.30pm is like the earth hour right?
the concert gonna be dark ah? can't be right..
then Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil gonna be like super bright!
cos houses and buildings suppose to have their lights off? OMG~

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