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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fahrenheit 1st Malaysian Concert.. =D

the long awaited post is finally here.. lol..
Fahrenheit Malaysia Concert, held at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil..
last Saturday night from around 8.30pm till 11.30pm.. =D

due to some last minute glitches..
i went with my cousin Shannon instead!
really cool birthday gift for her.. yay! *claps claps*

well, my initial plan was just to be there screaming
and enjoying the concert and have a good look at my Chun..
then the "make a sign for Wu Chun" plan popped up..
thanks to the extra cardboard supposedly for bookmarks!
and for this, i have to thank Zeng for his brainy idea..
and the rest of the group for the red cardboard.. hehe..

doing the finishing touches on the cardboard!

i spent like an entire 4 hours doing that sign..
drawing part was just 5 minutes..
cutting and pasting aluminum foil was so time-consuming!
my back was aching cos i was sitting on the floor for hours..
but the end results was just so lovely..
OMG!!!i was smiling ear to ear that day! haha..

cousin Shannon was really amused when she came..
on how sampat this cousin of hers became! haha..
this was really my very first time doing such a thing..
hopefully it'll be my last.. very tiring leh!

we gobbled down dinner at around 6.30pm..
then i was literally speeding all the way there..
we reached Bukit Jalil in like 35 minutes.. cool huh?
i agak-agak know where the stadium is located..
but i went like a few rounds to get to a parking spot..
thanks to my terrible sense of direction! aiks..

so, while we were walking from my car to the stadium..
both of us were chased by guys..
they were running really fast towards us and shouting..

here's the scenario, our conversation and actions included!
guys: leng lui! leng lui! you want to buy some lights?
shannon: don't look back ah, yean..
me: what? *continue babbling and not hearing them shout*
guys: *caught up with us* leng lui, want some lights?
very cheap.. rm9 only!
me: no, thank you.. *continue walking fast*
guys: *reads my sign out loud* Chun: My Prom Date..
shannon: *looking at me, smiling*
me: *OMG.. so embarrassing! he's reading my sign!*
guys: you want Wu Chun to see your sign, you need some lights!
me: it's ok.. i am totally ok with this..
guys: no, like really la.. it's only rm9 per stick.. buy la..
me: *turns back facing them* no la, i think if you guys give me
the lights for FREE, Wu Chun can see my sign much better!
*then i flashed my million dollar smile* haha..
guys: *speechless for a while* cannot give free la..
just get some from us ok?
me: haha.. still no thank you! *take extra big steps*

cousin Shannon was yet again amazed by my spontaneousness!
so was i.. i totally can't believe i said that to those guys..
must be Wu Chun that let my adrenaline run so high! *whacked*

anyway, most of my pictures are blurred..
cos we weren't suppose to use any flash while taking pictures..
i'll just post up the clearer ones ok?
but i did take quite a few videos.. =P
at certain point of times i was stopped by the security guards..
but who cares? i paid my money and i am hurting nobody!
and my camera died on me halfway through the concert..
apparently video takes up a lot battery..
so no videos of the 2nd half only pictures.. boo hoo..

enjoy the pictures and just a little warning about the videos..
they are not really clear cos i zoomed too far..
plus you might want to tone your volume down..
there are lots o screaming and sampat-ness involved..
the side of me, a lot of you have not seen before..
it's like watching badminton LIVE, except Chun is H.O.T.!!!

some people outside the entrance.. blurred!

met my cousin Lee, who got a free ticket from his friend..

he sat further than us, since he's not a big fan..
but if did have VIP tickets, a swap of places is a must.. lol..

before the start of the concert.. still can see the stage! =)

as you can see, the rm248 area we are at is pretty empty..
most of the fans bought the upper tier, ours was the lower one..

Karen Kong, a local singer.. was the opening artiste of the night..
she sang like 3 songs which i have never heard before..
catch a glimpse of her in the following video:

next video is like more than 15 minutes long..
it involves the 1 minute of darkness and the opening act!
Fahrenheit sang the songs 出神入化, 我有我的Young, 心里有数..
the first part of their song is drowned by fans' scream,
me included! haha.. like really crazy.. enjoy! XD

OMG!!! the next 2 video are like.. OMG!!! a must see!!!

four lucky Cinderellas were chosen through some competition..
and the Wu Chun held his fan's hand from the start till the end..
like from the moment they chose the partners,
till the end of the song 爱到.. she's like the luckiest of all.. *scream*
he's the only one who did that, plus he can remember her!
at the end, all 4 girls get to shake hands and hug them.. *LUCKY*

now you know why i like Wu Chun over the rest?
i should start writing letters to him too.. with my pictures in it! =P

cousin Shannon and i..

Calvin's solo performance: beatboxing..
he's officially my second favourite Fahrenheit member.. haha..
i don't care whether he looks like an alien or not..
he's tall, but i don't like his current hairstyle.. eww!

Wu Chun showed us his awesome skills with the drums..
this time round was with the Japanese Taiko Drums..
he practiced solely for this concert.. so sweet right?
i totally fell in love all over again.. lol

Fahrenheit foursome also presented their skills..
Wu Chun on drums, Calvin beatboxing, Jiro with his guitar,
and Aaron with the electric piano..
followed by the songs 超喜欢你 and 越来越爱!

during the encore, which was like an additional 30 minutes or so..
we missed the first few minutes of it..
thinking that the concert was over and done with..
no wonder nobody was moving except both dummy us!
thank god we were using the washroom then..
but i missed Wu Chun on his drum set.. boo hoo~

anyway, i wanted to post up more videos..
but it's really taking up a lot of my time..
so yeah.. let it just be ok? =)

and how i wish i can even experience this! envy her.. *screams*

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