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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blind Leading the Blind Walk

we took part in a Leo/Lion Club activity..
even before the club is officially formed!
pending the approval from Student Representative Council (SRC)..

our very first activity is Blind Leading the Blind Walk..
blindfolded 3km walk organized by Lions of Petaling Jaya..
meeting point? PJ Civic Centre carpark..

a lot of us woke up very early for the event..
i personally left home earlier than my usual days..
it only took 20 minutes from my home till PJ New Town..
i love it when i can cruise along the road, bravo Sunday morning!
with no cars, no traffic jams and green lights all the way! =)

meet up with the rest of our members, 16 of us to be exact!
all arriving before 7.30am, but as the usual Malaysian timing..
the event started later at around 8am..
so we met up with some Lions and did some chit chat..

not just the Leo and Lion Clubs members, the public took part too!
there were blind people, young kids, old folks and familes..

freebies for everyone after the walk.. a lot of food!

very first picture of the committee members.. =)

Joo Yong and i before the walk..

off we go!

police blocking the road.. super cool.. hehe..

no cars.. only can see people walking!

Sharon has 2 people to care for: Damien and Anson..
while Olive is under Manlo's supervision..

see what Joo Yong has to say about her experience..
while walking blindfolded, with me by her side:

taking turns to be blindfolded and to lead..

participation from the public.. sporting-nya!

Joo Yong leading a "blind" me..

taking a break under the shade.. it was freaking hot and sunny!

take a look at what Michelle has to endure..
a Lion asked us to not talk and stay away from her..
she has to walk all alone, not knowing the direction!

us outside the "White House"..
cold and yummy mango juice and bottled water were served!

this is really blind leading the blind.. they held onto each other!

take a look a them in the next video..
funny people without us holding on to them.. lol..

great job Damien! he was blindfolded for most of the 3km walk.. =)

the last 4 to arrive.. plus me, the photographer..
L-R: Joe, Zi Qin, Tung Meng and Joo Yong..
and like seriously no one was behind us.. haha..

oh, and guess what? we won two prizes in the lucky draw!
dental students have much better luck than our medical friends..
our lucky number? 2161 and 2157 respectively..
what are you waiting for? go buy 4-ekor!

me with my car perfumes, super absorbant cloth and magnets..
much luckier Joo Yong with her DVD player.. *all smiles*

finally, a picture of us with Lion Christopher and Leo of Taylor's..

and wow, i finally sweat! haven't done so in ages.. haha..
simply an amazing experience.. *knocking the doors of SRC*

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k-ng said...

Joe is sad

yean said...

why is he sad?
cos joo got d dvd player? lol

k-ng said...

yea la. He regretted not to walk a fraction of sec faster. LOL