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Saturday, April 11, 2009

IMU Oral Health Awareness Week 2009

it was pretty interesting! such an eye opener..
i believe you know what i am referring to.. hehe..
if you don't, slap yourself then look at my blog post title.. =P

April is the Oral Health Month.. did you even know that?
i was totally clueless about it.. until NOW!
so just keep that in mind ok?

basically, this is a 2-day event organized by the dental students..
it was held on 8 & 9 April 2009, from 11.30am-2.30pm..
at Atrium, Ground Floor.. and our theme is JUST SMILE :)

the poster..

it took us like 2 weeks to prepare!
i don't want to talk about all the trouble i have been through..
let's just stay with the happier times ok? =)

check out our promotional videos:

from the bird's eyeview.. no la, it's taken from the 3rd floor..

i believe there was like 87 of us involved..
from the senior and junior batches: DT1/08 and DT1/09..
there were like 4 stations all together..
Nutrition, Oral Diseases, Oral Hygiene Instructions and Aesthetics..

after registration at the counter and visits to all 4 booths,
visitors are eligible for FREE gifts..
i think quite a good number of people turned up.. =)

all dental students bought a T-shirt for this event..
the front is kinda empty, except for a few lines of words:
"a SMILE is a curve that sets everything straight - Phyllis Diller"!

the back of the shirt looks like this.. nice?

i am going to focus more on my station in this post..
which is the Oral Hygiene Instructions..
the members: 11 juniors and only 1 senior, Yani..

we had this huge toothpaste as our station deco..

not forgetting the toothbrush as held by Li Qing.. =)

i did this entire board.. *claps claps*

another senior, who's name i can't recall.. sorry!
explaining to the visitors how to correctly brush their teeth..

just 1 question for all of you..
leave your answers on my chatbox or comments section ok?

Q: how do you rinse after brushing your teeth?
A) using a cup or mug
B) using your palm(s)
C) directly from the tap
D) spit then suck using a wet toothbrush
E) don't rinse at all

we have 2 games in our station:

the flossing game.. not that easy though!

participants are required to floss out the plague (red wax),
using a floss (wire) without injuring the gum (blue plasticine),
in 3 minutes per tooth! then they'll win prizes .. *yay*

the next game is very similar to the dart game: Attack The Caries!
you'll have to get rid all of the cute bacteria in 1 minute..
and stand a chance to win a soft toy worth rm39.90!

Eldwin, ME1/09 batch rep attempting to win the game..

prizes for consolation and participation of both the games
are bookmarks or toothpastes.. not bad right?

other stations had really cool games too..
like try to blow a bubble with chewing gum in 1 minute;
snake and ladder kind of game, where you need to answer questions;
and guessing the celebrity smile.. =)

pretty fun and challenging game at the Aesthetic station..

we even have a performance by Sam and Arsalan..

Sam was the host while Arsalan was the participant of:
Who Wants To Be An OHS (Oral Health Specialist)?
you win, you'll get money kind of game show.. hehe..

with some of the girls from my station:
(L-R): Ruby, Joo Yong, myself and Mae Yee..

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