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Saturday, April 25, 2009

week 9 already?

i have been leaving my house before sunrise,
and only return home when sun is setting or already down..
i spend most of my time awake in university!
home is now like a hotel to me.. just to eat and sleep!
i really miss spending time at home!!

classes have generally been enjoyable..
breaks are some time not-so-fun..
i spend most of my break time in the library.. oh no!!!
i am learning to be a nerd.. some-what a sampat one..
my stress level is rising slowly but steadily..
as i see people around me studying like there's no tomorrow..

all seniors always mention this to us:
"but you are just in Semester 1.. relax la!"
as i see my notes piling, my Marieb and Netter's crying for me..
my friends who seem to know most things needed to know..
my parents' happy faces when they tell people i am taking Dentistry..
and pain piercing through my heart each time i see money outflow..
pressure for me to succeed continues to build up.. aiks~

yes, i believe i can do it because i want to.. GO! GO! GO!

oh btw, Student Services did not approve Leo Club formation..
there were some issues regarding IMU's policy..
and also a lot of overlapping objectives with the present clubs..
i am some how feeling relieved with the end of this chapter..
no worries, i'll return your membership fees.. lol..
so i shall now just focus on my studies and Community Service Club!

-------------------------------End of Emo-ness-------------------------------

our very first Dental Clinic Session was pretty fun..
the IMU Dental Clinic was just open earlier this month i think..
we were the first to use it, even before our seniors!
cos it seemed that some equipments are yet to arrive..

anyway, this particular session was for face-painting..
to identify the nerves, arteries, veins and muscles of head and neck!
we were divided into 10 groups of 5 students..
armed with paint brushes, oil-based paint and books/notes..
we started our play and learn time.. lol..

some of my classmates doing their thing..

on-going group discussion..

painting on our relaxed model..

my group mates: Alex, Kai Shang, me, Joo Yong and Eu Gene..

Prof Toh, our dean and Prof Khoo, our coordinator were present..
seen here together with Rezzuan, Fatimah, Ezwana and Jim..

Zeng painting the Jerome's face, Li Qing is looking on..

because of this, stimulated patients from Medical programme

are allowed into the Dental Clinic next time solely for this purpose!

the end-product from my group..

models united! showing off their face-painting.. =)

after our class ended around 12.30pm..
we, DT1/09, all wearing lab coats and some painted faces..
walked in to the Auditorium very fashionably late..
to attend the Student Choice Awards 2009..
the so-called Oscars for IMU lecturers.. hehe..
although we came in from the back door, audience looked at us!

just a snapshot during the Student Choice Awards..
organized by SRC, voted by students from different programmes!

next week will be my 10th week as a student..
and then one week break! yessss~ i really need one! =D

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