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Saturday, May 2, 2009


our 10-day break from the hectic life started yesterday..
yes, it was Labour's Day.. a day to appreciate all working people!

anyway, like what Prof Toh mentioned in our last class meeting..
we must learn how to reflect what we have done each day..
whether it is good or bad and how we can improve the situation!

then i realized that blogging actually helps.. hehe..
because i really do think back what i have been through..
and like some of my friends mentioned to me earlier,
i only blog about happy things.. true enough most of the time..
who wants to read about all the emo-ness in every post?
so far only 5-10% of my post are some-what emo.. =P

here goes for the occasion last Sunday, 26 April 2009..
Friends of Kota Damansara (FoKD) and MBPJ jointly organized
the Earth Day Carnival at Kota Damansara Community Forest!
yes, there's actually a forest in this area.. =)

they had several activities designed to create awareness
among the community about this eco-rich area!

first it was the jungle-trekking..
about 5km walk inside the greenery lead by scouts..
no pictures cos i skipped this part..
i woke up late, so kinda missed it.. plus lazy me.. =P
the rest of the group had already finish when we arrived!

next was the kayak session..
i wanted to go for this, but there was a queue..
plus nobody was going to teman me.. so yeah..

look how beautiful the scenery is.. except the leaves-filled water!

they also had this free check-up thingy..
test for your blood glucose, blood pressure and ENT screening..
by doctors and nurses from the new Tropicana Medical Centre..
friendly, informative and experienced bunch.. hehe..

registration and glucose level section..

checking blood pressure..

my brother's result was like 110/70..
we teased him that is slightly lower than normal, very unfit..
then he went to ask the doctor: will i die? =.="

Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Khalid was also present..
the good thing about having a PKR as the head is that
there's no big do with red carpet and kompangs..
he gave the feeling of being just a normal friendly person..
not some big shot that you cannot approach..

check out Datuk Seri Khalid's teh tarik performance.. =)

they had this stall selling Quaker Oats for like RM1 per packet..
wow, you should see how much my aunty bought! haha..
they also had organic cabbages for sale..
environmentally friendly kononnya, i saw plastic bags!!!

kids were not left out.. they get to do sand art..
my ex-boss Charmaine came along with her family and friends too..
they had a whole lot of cute little children, around 4-6 years old..

don't i stand out of the crowd? XD

save our forest, love our forest~ cos it's here to stay!

i shall watch my Chun on tv now, and go study later.. yeah?!

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