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Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day special~

we had a different celebration for this year's Mother's Day..
3 families had lunch together at Xenri D'Garden Terrace..
yes, all the way to KL for Japanese buffet lunch! XD

me, Shien Ni and Felicia outside Xenri..

i was busy eating.. cos there's a time limit - until 2.30pm!
so there was no picture of the place and their decorations..
quite a pretty place, they played really emo songs though..
but there are some pictures of the food we took.. =)

the view from my seat.. we were in a room, so yeah..

the table for adults..

the not-so-kiddie table..

the girls present..

not forgetting the boys, my cousin and my brothers..

we get to order ala carte dishes too from this list..

we can order as much but we have to finish everything..
cos for every 100 gram of food we waste, we'll be charged rm10!

1 person portion of terriyaki beef.. it was good! *yum yum*

prawn tempura.. way better than the soft-shelled crab!

oyster, green peas and squid.. obviously not mine.. lol..

hot green tea and cold tofu..

snails with cheese? tried it for the first time.. delicious!

in a plate.. what a variety~

Align Centersukiyaki.. beef noodle, i think..

something different for a change..
bread with salad and fruits topping + fruits wrapped with salmon

desserts! mochi, jelly and fruits..

ice-cream: green tea, mint, yam and strawberry..

they had this beautiful flower blossom painting on the wall too.. =)

complementary chocolates for the mums!

rm1100 worth of lucky draw vouchers for us too..

i am happy to say i finished everything i took.. hehe..
little bit of nearly every dish.. no wastage of food at all!

i had raw salmon, scallop, squid, oysters, muscles, prawns,
crabs, eel, beef, chicken, fruits, jelly, cakes, ice-cream..
you name it.. everything except sushi!!! OMG~
i was already very full after trying everything else..
so i missed my favourite Japanese dish! T__T

anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all mums!

i hugged my mum.. have you shown your love? =)

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