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Friday, May 15, 2009

happy post!

for this 2 weeks, most senior batches from different programmes
are having their End of Semester (EoS) Exams..

this is the sight that greeted me right outside their exam hall!

i was really surprised, so was Stephanie..
they actually just left their notes scattered on the table,
books and pencil cases open all over..
not just on one table, but on every single table there..
while they were sitting for their papers inside! bravo?!

i remember during Finals in Taylor's..
we would pack all our stuff into our bags neatly,
and place our precious belongings in the exam hall..
under the watchful eyes of everybody!

now here at IMU, they just left everything there..
it's either they believed everyone here is trustworthy,
or they are just don't bother? i wonder..

oh, we finally got our teeth models, the adult and children sets..
you can pull tooth by tooth out to view their crowns and roots!
it'll be useful for our tooth identification, i guess?
i must take very good care of them until i retire! hehe..

the very costly pieces.. 4-digit amount! a good investment?

we took our Renfert carving set very much earlier.. *shiny*

now it's time for newspaper cuttings.. lol..
first it's about the Maxis Scholarship for Excellence advertisement!
Maxis is really really rich i can say..

can you spot Jun Ai and Joanne, my dental and medical seniors? XD

and remember this? StarTwo publishes a small column of it..

my comment appeared on Monday, 11 May 2009! woo hoo~

sorry, i syok sendiri! it's my blog ma..
the last time my article appeared in the papers was back in 2006..
not as small as the above la.. much bigger!
like half a page in the Stuff@School pullout.. so yeah..

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Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, CEO of Air Asia..
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Camilia, Singer..
Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim, Historian..

that's all folks! =)

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