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Friday, April 17, 2009


it's seriously freaky.. i saw a lot of blood throughout the week!
not just the Blood Donation Drive..
or pricking of fingers for our practical on blood..
but dead dogs and cats along the highway! EWWW~ so gross!

no, i am not exaggerating..
i think can see their intestines too!
thankfully i won't be dealing with all these stuff in the future..
dentists only focus on the head and neck region..
that's not likely to cause any death.. hehe..

we had our wet lab practicals today on blood..
we were to prick our fingers and test our blood type..
plus view pretty cells in our blood.. =)

my lab buddies.. (L-R) "Dr" Eu Gene doing the pricking,
Kai Shang looking shocked and "terrified" patient Joo Yong..

our blood types.. now i know how this works!

drying our blood smear with the hairdryer..

my blood taken from the microscope lenses..
so pretty hor? the eosinophil is visible! =)

last but not least, a sampat lala picture with my friends..
right before everyone dump me for home..
i had to stay back for another hour for my transport home!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.. =D

and oh my god, you better believe this..
remember this guy from my post long time ago?
he'll be my leader for IMU Cup 2009! *hyper hyper*
i really got to join a sport for the tournament la..
then only can be friends with him! *whacked*

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