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Saturday, February 21, 2009

end of a chapter, beggining of a new one..

as the title suggest, i am finally going back to the study mode..
after 8 entire months.. 3 months of NS and 5 months of work!
yes, it had been that long since i last opened a text book..

friday, 20 February 2009 marks my last day of work..
i started the job as an clueless amateur on 23 September 2008..
5 months down the road, i have gained great experience! =)

to celebrate my farewell party.. *aww* i was touched!
they ordered from Pizza Hut, 4 pizzas and garlic bread..
and bought some food from the Malaysian Studies food fair,
namely nasi something, satay, keropok lekor and drinks!
oh, i so totally gained weight working there.. boo hoo~

all the 3 departments in Student Services,
were squeezing in our "pantry" - the storeroom right behind..
its size is just 3/4 of my bedroom!
just imagine having at least 20 full/part timers in there! o.O
cos IMU staff lounge is like 2 floors up, too far ma..

anyway, i tried to finish as much work as i could..
there were like 20 new applications that i have to key in..
thank god i have other part timers to do the phone calls!
and preparation for registration day for 300 students..
i am included in that list.. ^^V

to the following people that i met through out my working days,
thank you for your support, guidance and help!

Charmaine, Kak Dell, Kak Arnida, Boris, Hawa, Shien Ni,
Jamie, Huda, Naufal and Raj from Admissions..
it's gonna be one-man show for Charmaine,
hopefully Naufal and Raj can provide more help to her!

May Kuan, Jacinta, Kak Liza, Kak Khairun, Suganthi, Aznah,
Yee Yoon, Kelly and Mastura from Student Affairs..

Shu Shian, Kai Li, Su Yin, Kak Wati, Felicia, Kak Rafidah
and Stephanie from Marketing..

Kak Fahada, Kak Wan and Juliana from Finance..
lecturers i met during Open Day and Education Fairs..
the lovely CEO of IMU, Dr Mei Ling Young..

Valerie from the reception, abang who collects Pos Laju daily,
and Auntie Mee Choo who fetch me to work on most days! =)

oh, and not forgetting parents who gave me a hell of time..
prospective students who bugged me for nothing..
some were wonderful experiences, some no feelings,
the others were just pain in the ass! i know who you are!

so please do not call Admissions to ask for me,
they are just gonna reply you,
"she's no longer working here.."
thanks for saying you are gonna miss a good worker like me..
i really appreciate that and i am sorry for my past mistrakes too!

and to the seniors from Orientation Committee,
if you ever read my blog like you said..
you have already haunt me with your words yesterday:
"we are gonna get you during orientation!"

i asked the S.A.D. of who told you guys that i'll be you junior..
i intentionally did not want you guys to find out la..
since you already did, i hope you treat me the same as the rest!
anyway just to inform you, S.A.D. has my back..
and May Kuan says i can use her name if you bully me terribly!
don't forget who gave you the updated namelist for orientation..
it is me, it is i.. so i hope for a fair treatment ok? =)

and for those who don't know how IMU Orientation goes about..
you can always Google using the exact same words..
although the wildness of seniors have been tamed over the years,
i still have this phobia of those seniors' words..
but Orientation will be the best time in the university!

for the next 2 weeks, wish me luck!
for Dentistry, here i come! =)

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MEDT109 Orientation said...

it was my friend who said that.. lol~ have fun lar in orientation:)

you're under the good hands of daniel...

and lols~ DIP Six...

and don't worry, I'll make sure you have a great time here.. and we'll treat you the same:)

thanks for helping out a lot when we were doing stuff for our prep for orientation.. appreciated it!

and i knew you were aldy working here... but just din want to blow ur cover...

i respect your privacy lar... but since you were aldy gonna start classes that day, then i revealed lo... that we knew:P

enough of my nonsense here... I just happened to find your blog when i was searching for dental juniors last year...for this intake... so... that's the story...

anyways.. enjoy the orientation... pretend as if i never wrote anything here:)

ta-ta... see ya soon..

yean said...

haha.. it's actually DEEP 6 la.. thanks paige! i had fun in orientation.. yup, daniel's a great guy, so r my mates! wet orientation ended really messy though.. =)