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Sunday, February 15, 2009

my Single Adoption Day

Valentine's Day is a bit too over-rated, don't you think?
not that i am jealous that i do not have a boyfriend or anything..
i am currently happily single, not feeling the pressure yet! haha..

but i don't get the point of getting stuck in a shopping mall,
filled with many other lovey-dovey couples,
splurge on expensive meals and presents.. just for a day?
i mean if you really love/like your boyfriend/girlfriend..
shouldn't you be showing them your love/like everyday?
why go through all the hassle?
does it make any sense to you? not really to me.. =P

some people decided to marry on Valentines Day!

a lot of people are doing the same, at the same venue and time!
you won't be properly attired for a wedding..
no suit or extravagant dress, cos it's gonna be so hot and stuffy..
and the worst part is you can't be the Queen of the Day!
it may sound romantic and an easy day to remember..
but i mean seriously, why on earth would you do that?

my cousin Lilyn called it Single Adoption Day, hence the title..
apparently for singles Aussie, they also refer February 14 as:
Single Awareness Day or Virginity Day.. funny right?

i woke up at 12 noon on Saturday..
ate my brunch, read the newspaper and watch 1 hour of TV..
then i swept my house and garden floor..
it was a miracle cos no one asked me to, i did it willingly.. =P

then i started reflecting on what i did for my part-time job,
and wrote everything i remember on 4 pages of A4 paper..
it took me quite a while, i am not obsessed with my job ok..
i did it so that the new part-timers won't suffer without me..
they only have a maximum of 2 weeks worth of experience!
i was just being nice.. =)

then Sis Lilyn came ringing my doorbell at 6pm..
"Meng Yean, bring me out already.. it's my last day in Malaysia!"
"i am gonna adopt you for a day, so let's go already.."

she went out with her "Malaysian BF" earlier in the day..
but she still has A LOT of ringgits to spend..
and i gave her RM50 for her one day pay at IMU last Wednesday..
oh, you don't know how much she compared to her ECU's pay..
she earns AUD22 an hour at ECU, equals to her one day pay here!
she bugged me to go out, so i gave in.. her last day mah~

so we went to 1 Utama to do some last minute shopping..
we did the feng shui mystic knot sign before entering the car park..
cos we know very well that it will be very crowded..
and we found the perfect parking spot in less than a minute!

Lilian Too's advice on doing the mystic knot sign always works! =D

oh, 1 Utama has this really cheesy advertisement..
whoever thought of this idea to promote the OneCard..
you definitely did a brilliant job!

very attention grabbing ain't it? haha..

her shopping was done in less than an hour..
lots of clothes and other stuff in need were bought..
she even gave some tips to the waffle guy.. haha..

later that night, we went mamak-ing with my SMKBU friends..
ordered our usual 2 servings of Roti Tisu and drinks..

caught on act! blurred picture cos i was busy laughing.. haha..

by 12am, Lilyn and i reached home..
we spent the entire night having heart to heart talks..
like literally till 5.15am when my phone alarm rang!
our eyes were all so puffy when we "woke up"..
then my dad and i sent her off to the airport..
i was fishing most of the time in the car, not deep sleep!

the moment i reached home from the airport at 8am,
i literally slumped into my bed to catch up my sleep..
i woke up at 1.30pm because my stomach was growling.. haha..

so basically that was my day! boring? no?

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