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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

driving tips

this morning i left home for college at around 8.45am
very late compared to the usual tuesdays..

basically, when we are running late..
daddy will turn to a very ganas driver..
as in he kept swerving to the right then to the left..
when you are rushing everything else seems to slow down!

so he kind of gave me a lecture on how to drive on the road..
lessons to learn before going for L license.. haha

1. when you are on a highway, the left lane is the slow lane.
the MIDDLE lane is the FAST lane..yes, you saw corectly!
i have always thought the right lane is the fast lane, but NO.
the right lane is for you cut-in in front of the slower cars..

2. if you are driving in the fast (middle) lane,
and the car behind you is driving faster than you,
and seems like it's going to kiss the back of your car,
yes, GIVE WAY or speed up..even if you don't like it..
they may be in a rush or being kiasu..
do not wait to be given flashlights and hoots.. and if you do,
it means the driver behind you is getting pissed at you for being a tortoise!

3. when on a highway, if you want to follow the speed limit..
don't bother cursing other drivers for driving so fast..
it's none of you business so just give way when you see them chasing after you!

4. if you are on the slow lane, and other drivers hoot at you,
don't bother about them and continue your safe journey..
you are in the correct lane mah..
but if you are driving at 20km/hr.. serves you right!!

5. if you are in UK, you'll be slammed a compound
for driving slowly on a fast lane!
that's why older drivers always kena saman there.. lol
we should be grateful that malaysia does not have this kind of rulings!

i was given that lecture all the way to college..
and i saw a Persona for the first time on the road today..
looks quite good for a Proton car..
but i still like Gen-2's design the best.. haha

proton persona

i arrived like 5 minutes late thank god class has not started..
should i go to college tomorrow and on thursday?
there'll be 2 hours of class only for each day..
*still wondering*

to swee yin, if you think we were being mean today..
i am really sorry but it was all in the name of fun!
plus i believe it will spice up things between you two..XD

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