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Thursday, October 25, 2007

past 2 days..

yeah! chemistry paper 2 is finally over!!
merdeka for the next 2 days before back to square one..
i have been a very last minute person for my entire life..
so that's why i usually start mugging
like a day or two before exams.. haha..
i know it's bad but it sort of works for me..=P

but there's definitely a bane to this..
for example, in today's chemistry paper..
we were to sketch the shape for 1s, 2s and 2px orbitals
they gave us x, y and z axis..
the correct answer for 1s orbital is
to draw a circle right in the middle of the axis,
2s is the same but with a bigger radius..
i pandai pandai main tembak and failed..
i drew 1 circle for 1s and 2 circles for 2s on the x- axis..
smart huh? (=.=)llllllll so 2 marks gone la!
but luckily my dumbbell shaped orbitals are correct..

oh, for the past 2 days
i went to the australian education fair at IDP..
together with melissa, we went to enquire about
medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, podiatry etc
most universities offer medicine or/and pharmacy
but i only managed to find 3 with dentistry..
melbourne, western australia and adelaide..
there's actually 1 more but i still can't figure it out *hmm*

anyway, melbourne is out of the list cos physics is required..
even for medicine.. sigh
and i don't take physics.. wth.. so potong steam..
but i still don't get why they want physics??? T.T
as long as i achieve straight A's
i can say UWA gave me the most hope la..=P

we had to que for quite a while to talk to those people..
i was carrying this very thick file of notes
plus taking the universities' booklets..
i think it all weighed more than 1kg..
after carrying them for like 2 hours,
i felt that my hands were going to break!!

those counsellors we met in the fair..
some of them had this heavy australian accent,
some i could barely hear them due to noise pollution..
some were very good speakers..
some just wish to get rid of you a.s.ap... haha

i still vividly remember those two guys for ANU..
they were very hyper.. and one of them is hot!!
he look kinda like a better version of prince harry..
just imagine prince harry with
brownish locks of neatly cut hair (not red-headed),
sharper nose, not-so-rosy cheeks, no extra facial hair..
well, except for his ear stud,
the hot guy seems to have the ideal physical look.. haha

here's prince harry..
can you imagine how the hot guy from ANU looks? lol

mind you, it was melissa who took notice of him first..
she's the sharp-eyed one.. not me ya.. hehe
so if you are keen to see this hot guy
and know more of what aussie universities have to offer,
kindly go to KL convention Centre this weekend..=)

but if you want to know how to spot for hotties
and learn how to generate heat to show your hotness,
get to know melissa.. here's a glimpse of her.. =)

we were trying the sepia effects of the handphone.. =P

oh creamy, i think i have thought of a trademark
it's this >>> =)

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