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Monday, September 17, 2007

gathering @ mcd

after i spent god-knows-how-much on sms..
we finally gathered together on saturday night..
yes.. the noise pollution, psychotic and camwhoring gang
a.k.a my smkbu friends - my closest pals
at McDonalds bandar utama..=)

our chattering because there's lots of catching-ups going on
our thunderous laughter caused by lame jokes from henry..
non-stop "couple fight" between him and ting..
"you kao me, i kao you" game especially
between ting, yinky, xin, hwoon and zwei..i wonder who succeeded? XD
and lots of camwhoring in action..
these caused many patrons giving us the annoyed look..
i caught a few who were practically staring at us!!

3 different groups of people who sat at the table next to ours
moved from their table to elsewhere cos we were disturbing them..
i only noticed when shaun hinted this to me.. haha..
it's not our fault ok?
maybe it is, but still..
who uses laptop to study in mcd? definitely not me!!

long-awaited get-together
*but there are still some friends missing-in-action!*

the picture was taken by a guy from the next table..
he left with his gang almost immediately after taking this photo..
to the open air area..avoiding us?? lol..

i really had fun!!
i feel exceptionally happy when i meet you guys..
is it because i miss you all too much?
waiting for the next outing..=)

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