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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i am 17 today!! =)

first of all.. the title says it all..

i would like to dedicate this post and loads of hugs to:

1. my mum
for boiling 2 eggs for and me a planting my first kiss of the day on the cheeks

2. my lil bro haw
for giving me a big hug and a kiss on the cheeks (i know he dread to do tha

3. my dad
for cooking my birthday dinner - simple but yummy

4. my other bro shyang
for washing the dishes after dinner

5. chee yin
for being the first to wish me at 12am and have birthday lunch with me and the cake

6. yun xin
for planning everything so well that made me suprised especially by the cake

7. ze wei
for fetching me to the lunch venue and have lunch with me

8. my aunt (ze wei's mum)
for giving me an ang pau..hehe

9. hang woon
for having birthday lunch with me and reminded me of wu chun's new series

10. hang kim
for having birthday lunch with me and taking pictures for me

11. hui ting
for wishing me, dedicate a post to me and asking for my wishlist

12. shi wen
for wishing me midnight and advertising bout my bday through her personal message

13. mun ya
for wishing me and send an mms and advertising like shi wen

14. samantha
for wishing me and sending me such adorable e-card

15. ka huey
for smsing me all the way from Perth (on an earlier date but how thoughtful!!)

16. all my dear friends who remembered my birthday
xue wei, jialing, kai sin, devi, nan zi, chiew yi, li keong, felicia, shien ni, sivapratha, yoke yin
(sorry if i forgot to mention your name)

17. all my family members who remembered my birthday
lilyn, sis wei, sis wen etc

18. myself
for being a birthday gal.. haha

this birthday i treated myself
by watching 1st episode of "Romantic Princess" or "公主小妹"
via youtube and veoh.. it was really AMAZING!!
i feel that i am hungry for more episodes now..haha

anyway, wish me luck for my UKCAT exam tomorrow morning..
shi wen say it's tough.. but i'll try my very best
so that GBP95 doesn't go down the drain! lol..

birthday lunch at a very dim "吹吹水" restaurant

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