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Friday, September 7, 2007

dearest grandpa, with love..

it was 1.30am this morning..
no matter how i turned or positioned myself,
i couldn't fall asleep..
then dad's phone rang..
immediately i sat up, my heart pumping real fast..
expecting the already expected..

when daddy broke the news to me
that grandpa had just passed away..
my eyes were teary..
i cried and cried till i had to wash my face several times..
i have been crying silently for few days..
but this time i couldn't control my emotions..

daddy came into my room, hugged me and consoled me..
it has been ages since he last did that
as mummy have always been the one doing that whenever i am down..
but daddy's girl will always be daddy's girl no matter how old..

i thought of visiting grandpa after my last exam paper today..
but he left before i could..
so wednesday night - his first night at his own home after he fell,
was the last time i saw him awake..
i remembered when i greeted him "hello gong gong!!"
he smiled and said "meng yean" very clearly,twice..
i beamed and gave him two thumbs up and asked how he was in hainanese..
he did the same to me..

i knew he was mentally alert and was fighting to survive..
his lungs collapsed but they improved,
his heart was just fine,
it was his body system that let him down..
he haven't ate for days as he could not digest solid food..
i nearly cried when i saw his state but i had to be strong in front of him..

i couldn't give you a big hug
but i will always cherish those happy moments we spent together..

during christmas party

during your 87th birthday

this is the last pic i took with him - 2 days before he fell

final pic i took of him - youngest and oldest member of the Wongs

now that God loves you more than we do
and you can finally be with grandma..
oh grandpa, may you rest in peace!!

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Hui-Theng said...

Hi Meng Yean,
Thanks for the wonderful blog about our grandfather. Your blog somehow brought back many sweet memories of "Ah Gong". I know for sure he loves all of us especially the grandkids who are close by.

I am also very proud of your great achievement in school, and continue to do your best.

Please tell your family members that Franklin and I say hello and please take care.

Cousin Hui-Theng aka "Stop" che che

yean said...

thanks a lot stop jie jie!!
i will pass the message..
you two take care too..=)
miss you loads..
and i am waiting for my lil niece/nephew..hehe