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Friday, August 31, 2007


Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!
you are officially 50 this year!!!
lets all wave the Jalur Gemilang together..proudly!!! =)

just like our politicians

or like Malaysians who gathered at Dataran Merdeka

you can choose to dress up in Jalur Gemilang colours
to show your patriotism too..

like this lady here

if that is too exaggerate for you
wear more simple ones..

like this little boy and his father

i remember coming across this poster in The Star Education pullout..
an idea so original and unique..
by a group of students who participated in "Campaign 4 Rewards 2007"

by Esprit de Corps of SMJK Katholik, PJ

it is so simple but yet so true..=)

let's all cherish the happy moments that we had in Malaysia..
like the ones i experienced this morning at Kelab Rahman Putra..
young kids to teenagers to adults from all 3 races..
all participating in the event to celebrate merdeka!!

to you and me and all malaysians..

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