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Monday, August 27, 2007

dinner is served!!

i know i should be studying right now..
but i really can't control my excitement..hehe
you guys may think it's no big deal..
i SUCCESSFULLY cooked dinner today!!
**jumps around with joy**

usually i won't be in the kitchen during weekdays
unless it's my turn to do the washing..=P
but since my mum went to the hospital
to take care of my grandpa..
i am in charge..haha

vegetables : long beans and carrots

the last time i cooked vegetables..
the garlic was burnt..@.@
but this time it's lovely..
my dad said it's nice and my bros took extra helpings..
that made me really happy..=)

kampung fish

it took me ages to figure out whether it's cooked..
but dad said that as long as the eyes are white it's ready..
i hate frying fish..
cos a lot of oil is needed plus it must be really hot!!
it turned out ok but a lot was stucked onto the wok..*paiseh*

luckily my mum cooked the other dish before leaving..
or else i may resort to cook eggs for

i am happy with what i have accomplished..
at least i can cook something edible..hehe
although they are not as good as my mum's/dad's/aunts'/uncles'/cousins'

i have this cousin- 13yrs of age who cooks dinner EVERYDAY..
she so good that my mum compares me to her..
i have learnt quite a few stuff from her though..XD

learning is a life long process, so i shall learn bit by bit..
practice makes perfect, but i will only cook
when i am free or i really have to!!

got to study now..trials starts on wednesday!!

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