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Friday, August 10, 2007

korean wave

guess what i did in college today?
by 7.20am i reached college and went straight to class..
we had thinking skills at 8am, did 25 questions of past years'..

next was a 4 hour break from 9am to 1pm!!

this was when i studied my bio, learnt some korean, ate and chatted..

had maths at 1pm..handed in our assignments and that's all..
bio test was at 2pm..i did ok la..
i woke up at 6.05am to do these stuff at college!! OMG..

shi wen and swee yin taught me some korean and japanese today..
but i was only interested in korean..haha..

here goes: korean - translation in english

first, let me introduce myself..XD

annyong haseyo chingu. choum kasumnida. cho
nun meng yean imida.

(hello friends. this is our first time meeting each other. my name is meng yean.)

1. annyong haseyo - hello

2. yeobosayo - hello when on the phone
(sounds like "your boss say yo" and i was laughing like mad)

3. annyong / chagar - bye

4. kamsahamida - thank you (formal)

5. komabsumida - thank you (informal)

6. komawo - thank you (between friends)

7. chesung hamida - sorry (formal)

8. mian hamida - sorry (informal)

9. mian heh / mian - sorry (between friends)

10. sangil chukaheyo - happy birthday
("sangil" is pronounced as "senggeh")

more later..

but now, i would like share some korean series / movies recently..
these are some nice shows that i don't mind watching again..hehe

200 pounds beauty

seducing mr perfect

princess hours

notice their similarities?
they all have good storyline.
they all have nice soundtracks.
they all have some romance.
they all have hot lead actors and actresses.

that's all for this post..=)

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