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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

more maths drama..

mr karamjeet shall be refered as mr k frm now..
cos every time i write his full name, i wanna punch him!!
to date, i don't get what mr k's problem is..
i seriously think he should consider going to rehab for psycos..=P

our class has been divided into groups of 3 for presentation..
they are meant for revision of AS syllabus..
each group is supposesd to present for 2 chapters..
we were to think like examiners and teach like teachers..
that's perfectly alright to me..

4 groups have already presented on:
quadratics, functions, coordinate geometry and circular measure.
these are easy topics aren't they?

here goes my whining..

after EVERY presentation, whether it was
interesting/boring/easy to understand..
if the your presentation was clear,
he'll somehow find fault in your powerpoint slides
or the extra exercises you distributed
or because you did not prepare extra exercises..
he'll ask you questions that you would not think of..
as he expects you to know EVERYTHING from that topic
and even how or where a formula was derived from..
plus definitions of the terms!

why is he so @#$%^&*
is it because he too qualified to be a maths lecturer?
and that he should be albert einstein no.2?
he thinks all his students are as perfect as he is? NOT.
maths period is stressful!
i may jump out the window anytime soon..
and if i do, put all the blame on dearest mr k..ok?

i loved it when sangeetha's group was presenting..
it was quite flawless but yet he tried finding fault..
and i remember vividly what she said to him:
"i thought you said WE are the teachers?"
"so we can present anything we want!"
mr k was speechless..haha..

jia le's group was quite intersting too..she said:
"this is AS work, so you all should know how to do!"
the whole class burst into laughter..
cos it's mr k's signature line..
wonder what his reaction would be if she added
"this is SHOCKING!!" XD

more difficult topics are coming up next..
and i am gonna bet that all the presenters will kena teruk^2
including ME.

good luck PM10~~

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