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Sunday, August 5, 2007

LEO installation nite

i have only one word to describe the it.. DISASTEROUS!!

no offence, but this is from someone who is not a leo club member..

since yun xin asked me whether i would like to participate, i thought "why not?'

it's not like i have been to this kind of function..

in addition i thought it would be fun and can get to know more people..

but somehow i m really disappointed..

the event was suppose to start at 6pm..

when we - xin, hang woon and i reached there at around 6.15pm..

they weren't even prepared! and i absolutely did not expect that to happen..
cos they are LEO ma.. aren't they suppose to be efficient in handling these kind of events?

ok, so i forgave them.. maybe because they are lack of manpower..

they have only like max 30 members.. i m serious..

i was actually surprised when i heard bout it..i was like @.@
taylors have like few thousand students and they only managed to attract this few..

ok, if i am given a choice i also won't join..

their advisor's attitude also one kind de.. he don't even look like a friendly guy..=P

back to my story..

they started the event like 90mins late.. or maybe because the VIPs arrived late as usual..

i have no idea.. but they certainly gave me a so not good impression..

at the entrance, we gave them our 10 bucks ticket and wrote down our pariculars

and they drew a star on our hand which is only visible under UV light..

and we stepped into the freezing and quite empty MPH..

then i have thought of what my dad said in the car "got anyone go for these kind of events meh?"

and i answered "yes" and this was what i freakin saw: plenty of chairs with very few ocupants!

my dad was so right!

the door gift and the programme booklet..

since not much people arrived yet, we decided to have a drink..

my goodness! they placed the orange juice into a big container..

something like the one used in the toilets..just that it looks brand new..hehe..
and there was no ladle! we have to use cups to scoop the drinks..

the food provided don't seem to be enough for everyone.. are they that poor?
they could have asked from me.. at least i have proper containers and ladle at home..=)

then the mc who cannot remember people's names came on stage and crapped..
they had this malaysian flag solutation, LEO pledge, roll call and really boring speeches..

the roll call was quite interesting..why do i say so?
because those people are malu to shout..haha..

i can vividly remember the group from HELP.. there were like 7 of them if i am not mistaken..

so when the mc said "those from HELP make some noise!!"

i thought they were going to shout "help!!help!!help!!"
but at the end only one guy stood up and responded with a loud tone.. what the hell?
and that guy looked at his team and said "what's with you guys? semangat a bit la"

only then all of them stood up and shouted..

the mc continued "and we also have TARC!!"

*silence and everyone was waiting for the response*

"there's one person from TARC.." said the mc
xin and i turned to hang woon and smiled..

he then whispered "don't look at me, pretend i am not here"..haha..

we 3 were the only non-LEOs in the hall you see..

and we were dreading to leave the place a.s.a.p. to fill our growling stomaches..

so after they installed the new members - which happens to be boring and not organised..

we fled from the scene and headed to little taiwan..hehe..

all 3 of us had chicken chop with noodles for dinner..

we chatted and enjoyed our drinks too for like an hour..XD

after that we headed back to MPH..just in time for magic show!!
it was amazing! the magician is a he.. but not from taylors.
he placed 5 coins into an angpau,wrote something and tore the angpau into pieces!!

he also held a fork and started shaking it left and right, and the fork became bent like a flower!

last but not least there was a live band - a first timer..

and they performed ROCK music..

the audience were screaming and kinda enjoyed their performance..
but to me, it was a pain to my ears.. i could hear loud music from the instrutments which was ok..

it was the screaming performer i couldn't stand..i have no idea what he was singing/rapping..

i am not sure, but i think i had heart attack for a moment..

overall, it was not up to my expectation.. except for the magic show..

and the fact that there were hot guys who dressed up well..hehe

i have to agree with xin that guys who are doing hard work, are exceptionally eye-catching! XD

and i really enjoyed spending time with both of you!! =)

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