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Friday, August 3, 2007

what a day

i slept late last night at around 1.30pm to revise on maths..

and today, i sat for the maths test..
i am seriously not pleased with my performance!
i had nervous breakdown before the test start, you see..
as i had to memorize formulas
and when i thought of "calculators not allowed" rule..
i had butterflies in my stomach..
well not only me, but the whole class ..
including my straight-A's friend- shiwen!!
i usually call her "she won",
like how miss gurpreet pronounced it.. haha..

i have just completed my maths assignment.. yippeeeeeezzzzz!!!!!!
less burden for me now..but still have plenty of work to do..
moral presentation is on monday a
nd my group consisting of 15 members..
have NOT completed our work.. and we are group no.1..OMG!!
so it'll be a mad rush, especially for the editors.. good luck to all!
AIDS is out topic.. sigh..

thankfully, nan zi canceled our sunway lagoon trip this sunday..
i have yet to complete like 3 long exercises for maths
and read 11 chapters of bio..
just like what "stitch" yizhen said this morning,
how i wish i could buy more time via eBay..=)

trials is like less than 3 weeks away..
and i haven't started revising AS syllabus..aaarrrgghh..
but yet i allocated time to have fun..naughty me..
so tomorrow nite, i'll be at the LEO installation night..
hopefully i'll enjoy it..hehe

L-R: melissa, shi wen, me.

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