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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race 2007

my family and i left for Sepang International Circuit
at around 9am this morning
cos MMER2007 was to start at 11am..

as i mentioned in the last post..
G1 JPM Motorsport is involved in this 12hrs endurance race..

this 77-car race is for charity and it's held yearly on the saturday
before merdeka day ever since the year 2000!

the tickets and carpass

hundreds of potential cars have to enter the qualifying round..
these cars are from 4 categories.. class O, A, B and C
which both the JPM cars qualified for class O and A..
each car has 3 drivers and drivers take turns to race every 1.5hrs..

at the pit-stop

i had to go to the race track alone armed with the camera
cos my dad and bros were not wearing long pants..
so they could only be in the pit-lane..swt..
after walking under the blazing heat and in black shirt
for like 15mins, i finally met with ze wei and cecilia and his dad..
she's a very nice gal from kajang..=)
i spent some time with them but tried not to be the light bulb..hehe

with drivers of car no.19 nissan skyline, L-R: TP Chin, me, JP Chin, Jeff Wong

with drivers of car no.17 porsche, L-R: Firhat, Eric Yeo, TJ Chin, me

the crew of team G1 JPM Motorsport

ze wei and cecilia

the lotus car which i find very cute

another lotus car

some other car which also participated in JPM Integra Cup

sepang race track flooded with people..

the national service trainees were there too!!

i wanted to take pictures of the umbrella gals
but i think they showed too much flesh..
i find it kinda disturbing except for the lovely boots
but guys' eyes open up and jaws drop as they walked pass

(ok, i am exaggerating..haha..)

when i left sepang at around 3pm,
both car no.17 and no.19 were in the pit-stop
being repaired due to technical problems..
they were like 2hrs behind.. and drivers seemed frustrated..
we will return to sepang after dinner..
hopefully they can catch up with the rest by 11pm!!

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